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Digital Books are Going to Alexandria, Venice and Wolfsburg

Apple put the cat among the pigeons with its recent launch of iBooks Author and its evident intention to gain a major presence in educational publishing. The EULA (End User License Agreement) which seeks to limit the extent to which an author can exploit a work, made with iBook Author, outside the Apple controlled iTunes caused a fair amount of outraged squawking. Others were disappointed that Apple appeared to be using, but then veering away from the open EPUB … Keep Reading

Why Books and Magazines have Edges

Nicholas Carr has an interesting short essay in the Wall Street Journal two days ago. In Books that are never done being written he considers the possible disadvantages of a world in which books are continually being edited and revised, post publication. Carr has just self-published a book through Amazon and he has taken advantage of the ease with which he can make changes, even though the book has already been sold and consumed by some of his readers. He … Keep Reading

The Etymology of ‘Magazine’

Since 2012 will be the year in which digital magazines make decisive breakthroughs, we think it important that digital publishers and platform providers are fully aware of the etymology of the term ‘magazine’ and that they do everything possible to sustain in a digital form the polymorphous concept that has worked well for print publishers for several centuries. Accordingly we wish to draw your attention to matters of definition and etymology.
Here are some definitions somewhat adapted from, but also … Keep Reading

Exponential Growth and the iTunes Opportunity

Horace Dediu, at Asymco, has been posting some beautifully shrewd observations on the pattern of Apple’s growth and the failure of Wall Street and the investment community to get a handle on it. Why have the professional investment analysts so consistently undershot Apple’s record of profit and sales growth in the last 6 years? Why are they in fact getting worse at making predictions about Apple? Horace’s suggestion is that they have not been paying attention to a pattern of … Keep Reading

Digital Magazines in 2012

This being the time of year when we look back with nostalgia, and peer into the future with a degree of hope, we think it may be useful to give some guidance as to our reasons for thinking that digital magazines are in for a very exciting and rewarding year in 2012. The business of digital magazines is clearly going mainstream. Here are some predictions:

  1. Apple will introduce iPad 3 in the second quarter and it will be a ‘retina
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