Exact Editions is pleased to announce, in conjunction with Denford Publishing, the launch of The HAT Archive, a brand-new digital resource available now for institutions. Archived since its very first issue in 1999 up until 2017, subscribers will have access to over 70 back issues spanning 18 years, documenting the evolution of the hat trade for over two decades.

The HAT Archive opens the door to the world of ‘HATS’, where readers can learn and understand how all those involved in the industry, from small milliners to international manufacturers, from designers, buyers and retailers, all work together to bring this crafted accessory ‘to your door’. The archive contains a fascinating snapshot of a worldwide industry as it worked for over 18 years from 1999 to 2017, throughout the renaissance of the couture milliner and the demise of the large hat manufacturer.

Set up by the Denford’s, following 18 years retailing with six specialist hat shops, they found the headwear industry so lacking in information that ‘on a whim’ Carole Denford decided to set up the first international, contemporary journal for hats. Issue 1 was written ‘by hand’ and delivered to a friend, who transformed the information for a local printer. Until Issue 15, using no digital cameras, each issue was instead produced with rolls and rolls of negatives.

‘…we hope you enjoy and continue learning, designing and making, as our industry is unique. We must educate and inform each new generation to appreciate ‘The HAT’s huge contribution to craft skills and the international fashion industry it supports.’

Nigel, carole & Alice denford

Each issue of The HAT Archive feature industry news, designer sketchbooks, and workroom processes, highlights well known designers, headwear shoots, and directories of makers, and chronicles visits to factories and renowned designers. This wealth of information of the industry that can be found in each issue give readers the chance to explore, learn and understand how all aspects of the manufacturing chain work together to reach the crafted end product as well as give a fascinating snapshot of a worldwide industry as it worked.

Available across web, iOS and Android platforms

On the Exact Editions platform, The HAT Archive is fully searchable and has a comprehensive search function as well as straight-forwarded navigational tools and a cutting-edge stacking interface allowing for ease of viewing years and decades worth of back issues. These features enhance the experience of viewing and studying the archive, making it this an invaluable resource for hat buyers, retailers, designers and milliners alike.

Institutions interested in a requesting a free trial of The HAT Archive can click here.

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