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Why McLuhan would have loved Apple’s iPad presentation

…..because he could have written the script.

The video of the event is here. It was a fascinating presentation and convinces me that Apple still has a considerable lead over its potential rivals. The iPad is already an extraordinary product with a remarkable impact on the way we work and think. The presentation gave some clues as to how this impact could yet become even greater.

Here are a few of the things that Marshall McLuhan would have chuckled … Keep Reading

Luxury Magazines and iPad 3

Apple has not actually told us that a new ‘retina display’ iPad will be launched next week. But that is what is being confidently predicted.


I am going to join the crowd that thinks we will be shown an iPad 3 next Wednesday and it may start shipping very shortly afterwards. It will be a ‘retina display’ device, four times as many pixels in a package that is very much the same shape and dimensions. Possibly slightly … Keep Reading

Adobe’s Liquid Layout

PaidContent and magCulture have posted video of Adobe’s Kiyo Toma demonstrating some ideas for liquid layout.

What do you make of the demo? My impression is that his comments betray real uncertainty about whether this approach can possibly be right. This is not a completely confident presentation. The problem is the starting point.

Adobe seems to be assuming that with a magazine on the iPad you need to have a rearranged layout for the magazine when it is viewed in … Keep Reading

Buy an iPad for the Circulation Director

It is less than two years since any of us laid hands on a functioning iPad (exception for a few Apple techies).

The iPad 2 was launched 11 months ago.

It seems very likely that a retina-display iPad 3 will be announced within three weeks. This will be a very desirable and seductive device.

Tim Cook (Apple’s impressive CEO) was interviewed yesterday by Goldman Sachs. He was asked about his belief that the tablet market will be bigger than the … Keep Reading

Supporting Apps

We have been getting some really good feedback for our support function. So congratulations to Sarah Bush who has been doing most of our support email recently. We learn a lot from support so its good that our customers feel that they are getting reliable and helpful feedback. Here are a few typical messages:

Thanks Sarah, wish all customer services functions were this good! (Selvedge)


You are an ace! Many thanks – got straight in to the

Keep Reading

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