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The Google Nexus 7 – An Exact Editions Review

When the Google Nexus 7 arrived in the Exact Editions offices last week we weren’t sure what to expect. What will this tablet do that it’s Android predecessors couldn’t? And more importantly, would it prove a worthy adversary to the mighty iPad?

Here’s Rob from our Tech Team with his assessment.


“In the last week Google started shipping out their new flagship tablet to the masses, the Nexus 7 tablet.  We were lucky enough to get our hands on … Keep Reading

Magazines and Twitter


The digital magazine industry is about to be much more closely involved with Twitter than is commonly appreciated.

After five years of scraping around with Flash, and then two years of figuring out how to do good stuff on the iPad, the digital magazine business has reached a stage where it seems clear that the ‘next step’ will be heavily ‘social’, in which magazines recapture their strong position as guardians and builders of specialist interest groups. So digital magazines … Keep Reading

It’s as easy as ABC…Exact Editions is the first accredited digital Publishing Platform Associate.

Here at Exact Editions we are a company of firsts. Our apps were there on the first iPad, they were there on the first day of Apple Newsstand and now we can add being the first to pass the ABC accreditation in the Digital Publishing Platform Associate Group to our list.

We fully support ABC’s work to help create a common standard for digital measurement and good practice throughout the industry. Having the capability to supply data in accordance with … Keep Reading

Where is Apple’s Competition coming from?

The publisher of one of the UK’s biggest and best consumer magazines told me in a recent conversation that he was planning to launch a new app for his magazine based on a new model of ‘digital magazine reading’, one informed by detailed usability studies and that this new style app will be launched for iTunes, for Google Play, for Amazon Kindle Fire and for the yet to be released Microsoft Surface tablet.

I don’t know what this publisher has … Keep Reading

Is there any reason not to be in iTunes?

There are six reasons why any magazine that has a subscription circulation of some size should immediately produce a branded app for the magazine which is for sale in iTunes.

  1. A branded app for a consumer magazine that goes into iTunes and sells subscriptions at a ‘normal’ rate will generate additional revenues equivalent to 5%-15% of the current print subscription revenues. Not having your magazine in iTunes is for the standard UK consumer magazine as perverse as not having your
Keep Reading

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