Subscribers to any title on the Exact Editions digital platform can view the latest or back issues on the Exact Editions ‘Reader’ either on the web or via the Exactly app accessible on their phone or tablet. 

This blog piece highlights the most useful features subscribers may already know about and those they not yet be familiar with, so that users can make the most out of their subscription when reading their purchased titles. We hope current subscribers and new readers will find this blog post useful!

Viewing a latest issue

Subscribers to a title will receive a new issue notification when a new issue is available to read. When viewing the latest issue, subscribers will first view the cover. From there, users can tap the arrows below to go on to the next page or swipe if they are on a phone or tablet. 


As well as the arrows to click through each page, users can also click on the page to go from viewing a double page spread to single page spread, depending on their preference. Users can also click on the icon button where they can view all the pages of an issue as thumbnail images which offers a handy way of reviewing the entirety of the issue. 


Users can also easily go back to the contents page of an issue clicking on the contents button. The contents pages of issues are all linked, allowing for ease of getting to an article or feature. 

Search function

Subscribers will note a search bar on the top right hand side. Any keyword, date, name, or phrase can be inputted that will give a list of results across a single issue, or across a year, decade, and even a title’s full archive. 

Viewing archives

Exact Editions has a sophisticated stacking interface that allows for ease of access and viewing of lengthy archives. The latest issues and the issues published in the current year appear independently, and further back issues are stacked in their years, and then into decades. This is especially useful for titles such as Gramophone that goes back to the year 1923. 

Sharing on social media

Another feature users may find useful are the sharing options of an issue to social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. This option can be found below the issue at the bottom of the page. Select which social media channel you’d like to share an issue page and a separate window will automatically open with the link. 


Users also have the option to download a selected page from an issue. Simply select the page to view and click on the print option and the page will automatically download as a PDF. From there, readers can print the selected page. 


One of Exact Editions latest features is the new mapper feature. The map explores concepts related to the page that a user was reading. Readers can select a dot on the map for relevant articles.


When logged in to their account, subscribers can view their preferences. They can choose to receive new issue notifications, change their password, view their subscriptions and sort titles to their preference.


Subscribers can go from the reader back to the shop page to view all the current and new titles Exact Editions offer! Users can view all new and notable magazines available on the digital platform, as well search for new titles under over 15 subjects including art, culture, economics and much more.