Exact Editions uniquely offer carefully chosen and curated magazine collections to institutions with currently over 20 available to choose from. These collections are grouped in a specific subject and the range of titles chosen to be included are prestigious and world-leading, with each title examining the subject at length. Subscribers to a collection not only gain access to a number of titles but also their back issues that span years and decades, providing users with thousands of features, editorials and more dedicated to the subject at hand. Here are several of our most popular collections on offer now:

Art & Design Collection

This eight-magazine collection provides a broad and in-depth range of content from some of the most highly respected art and design magazines in the world. Users will have instant access to 1,000 issues and counting from eight of the most prestigious art publications. From the first issue of Art Monthly in 1979 to the latest issue of Apollo, this collection consists of a variety of insightful and in-depth content.

Classic Music Collection

This eight-magazine bundle provides a broad and in-depth range of content from some of the most highly respected classical music magazines in the world. Users will have instant access to over 2,000 issues and counting of eight prestigious musical publications from the first issue of Gramophone in 1923 to the latest issue of The Musical Times.

Contemporary Music Collection

This nine-magazine collection brings subscribers the latest developments in contemporary music, exploring new technology, the underground scene, and experimental projects. With fully-searchable access to over 2,000 issues, users will find stacks of inspiration and technical advice in the various archives. From the first issue of The Wire in Summer 1982 to the latest issue of MusicTech, the collection promises a wealth of rich and diverse content.

Fashion & Culture Collection

The Fashion & Culture Collection offers institutional subscribers unlimited, fully-searchable access to the archives of six trailblazing magazines. Users will with have instant access to over 500 issues and counting. From the pioneering complete archives of Dazed, AnOther Magazine and AnOther Man going back to the 90s to the latest issue of Selvedge, this collection promises a variety of content which will prove useful for followers of fashion.

Literature Collection

With the Literature Magazine Collection, users will gain instant access to twelve highly respected English Literature Magazines. Over 1000 issues from some of the most renowned literary publications in the English language, can now be accessed with one purchase, across web, iOS and Android platforms. A vast range of content, from book reviews, to commentary and original writing can be found in the pages of this excellent collection.

Performing Arts Collection

The Performing Arts Magazine Collection consists of six leading titles in their respective fields. Each magazine comes with a range of back issues offering expertise and commentary on the latest in dance, opera, and theatre. With a subscription to this collection, users will have instant access to the six magazines and their archives, accessible across web, iOS and Android platforms.

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