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Your Cotswold Family Online!

New to the App Store and Exact Editions webstore comes the lovely lifestyle magazine Your Cotswold Family.


It doesn’t matter if you live in the Cotswolds or are just planning a visit, this magazine has something for everyone. It’s much more than just a parenting magazine, with ideas for days out, fantastic gift ideas and much, much more!


The app is loaded with all the features you’ve come to expect from Exact Editions, such as social media sharing, in-depth text … Keep Reading

Stacks and Clouds and Apps ByPlace

Apple had a really big WWDC with lots of stuff for developers to digest. One of the most interesting comments came from Benedict Evans who has developed a theory about the different directions in which Apple and Google are travelling. Apple is taking advantage of its deep hold of devices (phone, tablet, desktop) to drive software down into the individual’s device and the software it runs, whereas Google is moving everything in the opposite direction, away from dumb glass up … Keep Reading

A Shock to the System


It’s bold, it’s beautiful and now it’s on your iPad.


System is a fashion magazine unlike any other; it doesn’t just report on the world of haute-couture, it challenges it to do more, taking you straight into the minds of some of the biggest names in fashion and design.


Asking the questions no one else will, System gets under the skin of the fashion world. So if you want to avoid ennui and go where no other magazine … Keep Reading

Whisky Magazine at the Blackbird Public House

The Blackbird Public House and Oyster Bar in Vancouver is the first public bar to provide complete free access to the Whisky Magazine app.

So if you are in Vancouver, and feel inclined to educate your palette with some of the finest malt whiskies and choice Pacific oysters, this is your chance.

How does the free access to the magazine work? Anyone in the Blackbird Public House, which courteously provides wifi access to its patrons, can download the freemium iOS … Keep Reading

Edinburgh Life, Worldwide Access

Whether you’re an Edinburgh native in search of a hidden gem, a tourist looking for a holiday with a difference, or an expat looking for a taste of home, you won’t want to miss Edinburgh Life Magazine! Lucky for you, it’s now available wherever you are in the world via the Apple Newsstand and the Exact Editions webstore.


Packed with heritage, history, people, places, events and more, Edinburgh Life is your definitive guide to the Scottish capital, so … Keep Reading

Page 51 of 209

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