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Rugby League Review Now Available on iPad & iPhone

This one’s brand new to the iOS App Store and to Exact Editions’ website, as of today. Rugby League Review brings you the latest rugby news from all around the world, all through the season.

Rugby League Review

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Publisher iBeacons

Last week we showcased the way in which Exact Editions apps can be used to deliver small-scale site licenses to bars, cafes, hotels etc. Our first public installation was at Bar Kick in London’s Shoreditch. TechCrunch reported on this event, iBeacons used to deliver location-based access to iOS newsstand publications. Darell Etherington called this a “novel, intelligent use of iBeacons, and a perfect example of how we’ve only just begun to see the benefits of this new Apple … Keep Reading

Selling iBeacon subscriptions

Exact Editions is showcasing its capability of selling magazine apps, When Saturday Comes and Dazed & Confused by subscription to venues at Bar Kick in Shoreditch.

Darrell Etherington at TechCrunch notes:

This is a novel, intelligent use of iBeacons, and a perfect example of how we’ve only just begun to see the benefits of this new Apple tech. Tech Crunch: iBeacons used to Deliver location-based access

So this seems like a good opportunity to ask Daryl Rayner, founder and … Keep Reading

Promotion by iBeacons

A few weeks ago Exact Editions introduced a new way of promoting magazine apps. Publishers can now promote their magazine apps by making them freely available at specific locations. We are now working on the tools that will be needed for publishers to set up these promotional opportunities ByPlace™ for themselves. Expect further announcements about this in early January.

However promotion by geo-location is only one part of our concept for promotion ByPlace™, we are even more excited by the … Keep Reading

Promotion by location

Publishers of magazine apps now have a new way of promoting their product by venue. Exact Editions’ ByPlace™ function allows a publisher to shine a free magazine spotlight at any location or venue, simply by specifying the geo-coordinates, and the length of time for which free access would be available at a specific space. We think that this is revolutionary and that it will enable publishers to take a much more active role in promoting the sale of app subscriptions. … Keep Reading

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