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Arena Homme+ and POP are now on the Exact Editions digital platform

Exact Editions is pleased to announce that two fashion magazines, Arena Homme+ and POP, have launched brand new digital editions of their latest issues. Subscribers will have access to the latest issue of each magazine and all future issues published that they can view seamlessly across web, iOS and Android devices at the click of a button.

Both fashion titles are now available on the Exact Editions digital platform

Arena Homme+ is the world’s leading men’s fashion magazine. Owned and … Keep Reading

New titles to explore on the Exact Editions platform this Spring

Exact Editions has had several new titles come on board in the past few months, adding to the extensive art and literary options available for individuals and institutions to purchase on a quarterly or annual basis. Take a look below for more information!

Tribal Art, French edition

Exact Editions now offers the French language version of Tribal Art, a luxury quarterly publication devoted to the arts and culture of the traditional peoples of Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Americas. Spanning … Keep Reading

Publisher Guide: Promoting Institutional Subscriptions

Selling institutional site licences to digital magazine archives is one of Exact Editions’ most important publisher services. 

Our dedicated sales team are constantly expanding our database of international institutional contacts and running targeted marketing campaigns to secure lucrative sales for publishers.

In this guide you’ll find multiple ways in which publishers can encourage even more institutional customers for their titles.

1. Promote Institutional Shop Links

Please ensure that your own website’s subscription pages prominently features a clear and direct linkKeep Reading

Publisher Guide: Promoting Digital Subscriptions During Lockdown

Although the coronavirus pandemic has provoked an extremely uncertain period for many publishers, we want to remind Exact Editions publishing partners about the marketing tools they have at their fingertips.

As well as presenting an an opportunity to offer your wonderful archives as complimentary reading material to all those locked down at home, now is the time to concentrate on driving digital subscriptions. 

Here are 4 ways that you can maximise digital revenue: 

1. Promoting Your Shop Page 

Encourage readers … Keep Reading

Publisher Guide: Reading Rooms on Social Media

Hosting your digital edition on the Exact Editions platform comes with many benefits besides the opportunity to sell digital subscriptions, including a smorgasbord of free marketing tools accessible at the click of a button.

One of these such tools is Exact Editions’ innovative Reading Rooms. Available in the Publisher Portal, the tool comprises links through which you can distribute time-limited access to either your latest issue or the full archive for a time-limited period of an hour, a day, Keep Reading

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