Welcome to the fourth week of archive flashbacks! This week we bring you a trip back in time to The Byzantine Empire from Ancient History, a tribute to the inspirational figure Nelson Mandela from The Middle East Magazine and a glimpse into an ecologically sustainable creation from Green Magazine.

Ancient History — Issue 18

Mutilation as Punishment in the Byzantine Empire

Hareth Al Bustani delves into the ancient Byzantine system of using humiliating and violent mutilation as a form of punishment and explores Roman law’s relationship with ancient eastern traditions and fundamentalist interpretations of Christian theology. View the full article here.

The Middle East Magazine — January 2014

Mandela and the Arabs

In this article, Sharif Nashashibi pays tribute to Nelson Mandela, highlighting the prevalent support for him in the Middle East and the outpouring of emotion that came as a result of his tragic death. See the full article here.

Green — Issue 05

 In this issue of Green Magazine, Architect Ric Zen reflects on his ecologically sustainable creation and the reasons for its striking and continuing success. Read the whole article here.