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Bookmarking, Bookmarking Searches and Social Sharing

Exact Editions new apps (v 6.6) are now rolling through the works: Radical Philosophy and Blues Matters are two of the first through the gates. On the iPad they have a strong new bookmarking function. The user can bookmark interesting pages. Also searches can be bookmarked and sharing actions will be bookmarked in a ‘Shared’ folder. These are powerful tools and we think they will be greatly enjoyed by the magazines’ subscribers.

The Exact Editions apps now also have enhanced … Keep Reading

Lifestreams and Magazine Streams

David Gelernter has a fascinating essay over at Wired on: The End of the Web, Search, and Computer as We Know It. He argues that our web-based spatial metaphors for computing are being replaced by time-based metaphors, or what he calls lifestreams, which are highly individual and instantaneous, which get melded together to form a global worldstream. Some of his commentators think that Gelernter was ‘under the influence’ when he wrote the piece, it is certainly an intriguing and … Keep Reading

Are Magazines About to be Forked?

Forking happens in software projects when a developer or group of developers takes code that has been developed by one community for one purpose, and then duplicates that code and takes it off in another direction. Forking an operating system or an ‘open source’ software project or application may be perfectly legal and within the spirit of the free software. For example, Google launched Android as a free and open operating system for mobile software development and more or less … Keep Reading

Searching Magazine Apps

Exact Editions apps are all searchable. Individual issues can be searched; years, decades and all the available archive can be searched from within the magazine app. We have recently introduced a new search engine and an improved interface for browsing magazine archives and selecting the focus for a search.



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Selling Subscriptions in iTunes

iTunes newsstand has been a remarkable success for the magazine industry, and the success has overturned some standing assumptions.

First, there is a general point which may be of some interest to a broader community of Apple watchers and publishers. Magazine subscriptions through iTunes have worked at much higher prices than would be believed by most outsiders. There is a fairly widespread view that apps have to be very cheap to work in the iOS economy (and perhaps that they … Keep Reading

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