ICON Books, an independent publisher of thought-provoking non-fiction, in collaboration with digital archiving experts, Exact Editions, have digitised the entirety of the Introducing Graphic Guides collection, which is now available to institutions. For the first time, individuals can also selectively purchase a graphic guide from a selection of the 78 titles on offer, each guide providing an illustrative introduction into a range of subjects including philosophy, politics, biography, science and literature. 

The Graphic Guides are a unique, comic book-style introductions to humankind’s biggest ideas and thinkers. Using graphic novel-style illustration combined with accessible but authoritative text, this collection is a uniquely brilliant way to introduce some of humankind’s most thrilling ideas and subjects. Published from 1992 to present day, the book series covers key thinkers and topics from a variety of areas, from religion to cultural studies, to linguistics and psychology. Each is written by an expert in the field and accompanied by illustrations from leading graphic artists. 

Institutions can purchase the full collection now which includes all 78 titles. With Exact Editions state-of-the-art interface, the digital edition of each guides preserves the graphics as they were intended to be viewed in print. Online reading for the digital edition is also enhanced by the comprehensive navigational tools of the platform; subscribers with full access to all the guides available can use the search bar to locate a name or topic and have a full list of results at a click of a button. 

Designed and developed for efficient and interactive use, readers will also note linked contents pages for ease of accessing chapters and specific pages, clickable hyperlinks throughout, and additional features such as bookmarking that allow for a more modern and stream-lined way to read, study and explore the various guides. With cross-platform compatibility with all Web, iOS and Android devices and fully searchable access, the collection is suitable for both students of the subject and those interested in gaining further knowledge about a topic they’re unfamiliar with.

For anyone who wishes to explore the guides, Exact Editions is offering free viewings of two guides for some light reading this weekend:

Introducing American Politics: A Graphic Guide is a comic-book introduction to the political history of the Land of Opportunity. How did a political outsider like Trump win the 2016 presidential election? Why do some Americans feel so strongly about gun rights? Is there a role for more than two political parties in the system? This unique graphic guide explores everything from the United States’ political culture, the Constitution and the balance of power, to social movements, the role of the media, and tensions over race, immigration, and LGBT rights.

Read about it now by clicking the link below and receive 7 days free access:


Introducing Evolution: A Graphic Guide provides a step-by-step guide to ‘Darwin’s dangerous idea’ and takes a fresh look at the often misunderstood concepts of natural selection and the selfish gene. Drawing on the latest findings from genetics, ecology and animal behaviour- as well as the work of best-selling science writers such as Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker- this book reveals how the evidence in favour of evolutionary theory is stronger than ever.

Read about it now by clicking the link below and receive 7 days free access:


For institutions interested in requesting a free trial of the Introducing Graphic Guides Collection, please click here.

Annual subscriptions to individual guides are available to purchase by clicking here.