How do you decide whether a company’s services will suit you? Well, we’re going to let Exact Editions’ publishing partners contribute their thoughts about our services to help you make your mind up…

We create fully-searchable digital editions

The Exact Editions system processes PDF files supplied by the publisher and stores images and text in a database, ensuring the digital editions “maintain the layout and integrity” (Marcia Lynx Qualey, Editor-In-Chief, ArabLit Quarterly) of the print edition.

The digital editions boast a “superb search function” (Yifawn Lee, Publisher, Orientations), sharing facilities and are fully-linked. Subscribers are “reaping the benefits of being able to search an extensive archive at the click of a button” (Nadine Rooke, Circulation Office Manager, The Lady). “The ability to search for specific references” makes the platform an “invaluable tool for academics and students alike” (Rosalind Porter, Publisher, Notting Hill Editions).

Individual subscribers can purchase and read content through the website, iOS and Android devices. Exact Editions’ “seamlessly” helps publishers to “circulate… content to the masses like never before” (Tim Doolan, Marketing Director, Madavor Media). This enables your publication to “open up new markets and to develop new products” (J.S, Head of Sales & Marketing, Positive News).

Providing institutions worldwide with subscriptions is our speciality. The Exact Editions’ institutional team is “hard working and professional” (L.DR, Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy, Mark Allen), the “ideal partner to work with to provide subscription services to institutions” (Alessandro Ludovico, Chief Editor, Neural). We deliver instant IP-authenticated access “to 1000s of academics, researchers and students” (Tony Herrington, Publisher/Director, The Wire). The value of a “digital institutional subscription is much higher than single copy sold to the library” ( Megan Jackson, Commercial Director, Opera).

We provide innovative marketing tools

The Exact Editions’ Publisher Portal features “an excellent array of marketing tools and analytics” (Ben Rogers, Marketing & Communications Manager, The Poetry Society) to support the promotion of your publication. Including the innovative ‘Reading Rooms’ technology, which allows publishers to provide streaming, time-limited, access to digital editions. We make it a priority to “keep up with all developing digital possibilities” (Margaret Obank, Publisher & Editor-at-Large at Banipal) to ensure we are ahead of the curve in digital publishing.

James Fleming, founder of The Book Collector, says it best, “Without Exact Editions we’d still be in the doldrums, gazing into the murk.”

Getting started is easy, publishers can sign up for a free trial today here