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Where is Apple’s Competition coming from?

The publisher of one of the UK’s biggest and best consumer magazines told me in a recent conversation that he was planning to launch a new app for his magazine based on a new model of ‘digital magazine reading’, one informed by detailed usability studies and that this new style app will be launched for iTunes, for Google Play, for Amazon Kindle Fire and for the yet to be released Microsoft Surface tablet.

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Is there any reason not to be in iTunes?

There are six reasons why any magazine that has a subscription circulation of some size should immediately produce a branded app for the magazine which is for sale in iTunes.

  1. A branded app for a consumer magazine that goes into iTunes and sells subscriptions at a ‘normal’ rate will generate additional revenues equivalent to 5%-15% of the current print subscription revenues. Not having your magazine in iTunes is for the standard UK consumer magazine as perverse as not having your
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Rowing & Regatta Magazine sculls it’s way to victory as the first Rowing Magazine available on Apple Newsstand

The UK’s Leading Rowing Magazine has taken the plunge and is now available digitally and on Apple and Android devices.


Never miss a race with all the latest in the world of rowing, now available whenever, and wherever you are. 

Simply download the app from Apple Newsstand to begin reading – http://bit.ly/RowingRegattaApp

Issues, dating back to 2011, can be synced directly to your device for offline reading. Fly through the app using the Page Flow tool, or zoom in and … Keep Reading

Single Issue Sales or Subscriptions?

Many magazines are sold through the iTunes app store as subscriptions or single-issue sales. But there are signs that publishers are gradually moving the emphasis towards subscription sales, Time Inc having originally only sold single issues through iTunes recently reversed policy and went whole-hog into iTunes with subscriptions, including single month auto-renewable subs, (so the newly launched in iTunes Southern Living offers a one month sub for $1.99 and non-renewable single issue for $4.99).  Here is why:

Publishers will always … Keep Reading

Digital First or Digital Magazine Apps that Work?

Jason Pontin, the editor of MIT’s excellent Technology Review has written an instructive mea culpa on why his app strategy for that magazine has not worked: Why Publishers Don’t Like Apps.

The article and the comments it attracts are deeply instructive and we have to admire Pontin’s guts in admitting that he got so much wrong, and made so many mistakes:

We launched the platforms in January of 2011. Complimenting myself on my conservatism, I budgeted less than $125,000

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