All publishers who work with Exact Editions will have access to their Publisher Account, a personalised digital space designed to provide users with all the tools required to further market and promote their title, including the provision of sales statistics, marketing packs and more. This blog piece gives an overview of all the publishing tools available.

Publishers can login at: 

View back issues and upload new issues

Once logged in, publishers can select their title where they are able to view all the back issues previously uploaded and also are given the option to upload new issues from there. When creating a new issue, the issue name and publication date must be filled out.

On the Publisher Dashboard, the user can find several tool options. 

The following tools above are displayed on the Publisher Dashboard

Sales Statistics

The publisher will be shown a break-down of the sales statistics for its chosen title presented in graph or table format with the choice to view them weekly or monthly, and with sales further broken down into institutional, web and in-app purchases annually and quarterly where relevant. 


Subscription information is given on the page and also as an optional CSV files of active, expired and cancelled subscriptions available for download. Exact Editions follow the GDPR regulations when sharing subscriber information.

Marketing Tools

Exact Editions offer a number of marketing tools to assist publishers in promoting their title. Publishers can request a new voucher code to allocate to a user which gives a free subscription to the publisher’s chosen title. Publishers can also view their app statistics if applicable, and include a search box to their title’s archive on their site by simply uploading the provided code.

Exact Editions also offer Marketing Resource Packs for publishers to use which would include high resolution screen shots of the publisher’s title within iPad, iPhone or iMac computer templates, and Social Media Marketing Packs that include a GIF, an Instagram Story template and a Facebook banner, enabling the publisher to showcase the title across social media channels.

An example image that would be included in the Marketing Pack

Exact Editions newest Marketing Tool is the Promo Code option. If a publisher would like to offer a promotional discount to their title, they simply have to fill out the required fields and the production team will activate a code.

Reading Rooms

A new and cutting-edge tool for publishers to use to promote their content, Reading Rooms are a way to hand out temporary access to their title. Publishers can select a link that will provide access to the latest issue or full archive and have a choice of choosing a link lasting one hour, one day, one week or thirty days.

Push Notification

Push notifications are an option available to publishers who have a Branded App on iOS. This feature enables publishers to send out short messages which will pop up on readers’ devices of the publisher’s titles. A publisher can enter their message and hit send when ready.

Universal Subscriptions

If a publisher uses universals to give print subscribers access to the digital edition of their title, this tool option enables publishers to upload a list of unique references or subscriber numbers which Exact Editions can refer to when providing digital access.

Universals is also used to deliver digital editions of published titles to members of a society and can also be used by a publisher to sell the digital edition of their title directly. 

Upload Archive PDFs

For publishers interested adding further years or decades where applicable to their title, Exact Editions now offer a handy way of uploading multiple back issues simply by drag and drop with a downloadable list to review what has been uploaded. 

Guide & Case Studies

Exact Editions also offer several guides and case studies to review. One useful guide includes a helpful step-by-step process on how to use Google Analytics and case studies on how to increase sales using Reading Rooms. 

For more information or if a publisher has any questions on how to use these tools, please click here