Every Exact Editions publishing partner has personalised online shop pages through which digital subscriptions to individuals and institutions can be purchased. To ensure that your shop pages are as compelling and comprehensive as possible, we’ve drawn up a handy guide of Do’s and Don’ts:

DO: Keep It Concise & Compact ✅

Your title’s marketing text runs alongside a slideshow of images of your recent issues. Please format the copy in concise paragraphs, to ensure it doesn’t extend beyond the images on the left-hand side and require users to scroll down the page. 

DO: Input “Latest Issue” Text ✅

On the Dropbox upload form, please fill out the ‘Issue Highlights’ box in order to relay the highlights of the latest issue to subscribers directly from the shop page. To line up with the page’s images, we recommend that this copy does not exceed 15 lines and is preferably in bullet-pointed format. This text will also be included on the email notification sent to subscribers when the issue is released. 

DO: Inform Us When Anything Changes ✅

If any key pieces of information about your title changes, such as frequency or price, please do let us know so we can update your shop page accordingly. Contact your account manager at publisher@exacteditions.com. 

DON’T: Include Long Paragraphs ❌

Including long paragraphs of unbroken text means that key information about your magazine may be overlooked. Highlight important pieces of information in smaller paragraphs to ensure readers can see it at a glance.

DON’T: Use Long Lists Or Excessive Spacing ❌

Long lists of contributors or subjects may lead the shop page to look clunky. Keep any lists concise and reduce any unnecessary spacing between items to keep paragraphs neat and tidy. 

If you have any questions about optimising your shop pages, please do get in touch at publisher@exacteditions.com.