Annual, quarterly or institutional subscribers to any title on the Exact Editions digital platform have the option to consume their content via the Exactly app, accessible on their phone or tablet. Useful for when readers are on the go or need the option for offline reading, this post identifies the most useful features for users to get the most out of their subscription and read their purchased titles. 

The Exactly App can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store. Subscribers can then login with their username and password under the Settings option. Once logged in, the users purchased subscriptions will appear below Titles. 

Before logging or, or for those without an account, users can view a range of titles that Exact Editions offer on its digital platform with select sample issues available to view in its entirety. 

Stacking Interface

Once a title is selected, its back issues are viewed in a intuitive stacking interface that organises back issues from its most recent issue, to the year, and then further stacked in decades and years depending on how long the title archive is. This allows for ease of viewing and enables a quick and organised browse through the years. 

Fully searchable

Titles are also fully searchable across all back issues and individual titles. A user can search a phrase or keyword under the main title and the full list of results is organised from the most recent issues backward. Alternatively, if a search is done under a selected issue, it is organised under the most relevant search result. Search results can additionally be bookmarked. 


Users can go through an issue by sliding across pages or using the right and left arrows below the issue. The Page Flow selection allows for a quicker way of navigating across all the pages. Users can also select single or double page view for preference. The contents icon on the left takes the user back to the contents page where all page numbers are linked and can be selected and taken with a simple tap.

Syncing and bookmarking

Issues be selected for syncing for offline use or bookmarked to allow for ease of returning to where a user may have left off. Selected links to pages can also be shared via email or added to reminders or notes. 

The Exactly app can be downloaded for the iPhone or the iPad here

To browse the full range of magazine titles on offer on the Exact Editions digital platform, please click here