Exact Editions primarily assists publishers in creating digital editions of magazines and their archives which are accessible, searchable and usable across web and app platforms. The digital editions boast a comprehensive search function, sharing facilities and are fully-linked for an interactive and seamless reader experience. 

Exact Editions sells these digital editions as subscriptions to individuals and institutions on behalf on the publisher and assists in promoting and marketing these titles as well as providing customer support, giving publishers a useful solution to selling digital subscriptions. With newly developed technology, Exact Editions can now also offer a number of bespoke solutions to book publishers and membership organisations as well as magazine publishers. Here is a handy list of the services Exact Editions currently offer:

Selling to institutions 

Exact Editions provides institutional licenses based on IP range to universities, colleges, schools, cooperations and public libraries for magazines, periodicals and bespoke book collections. These annual subscriptions are offered through a tiered pricing matrix agreed with the publisher which covers unlimited usage. 

A publisher is simply required to send an agreed number of back issues which will enable Exact Editions to create a modern or a more extensive archive, and all future issues are then required to be sent in a PDF format, as well as as calendar of release dates to ensure issues are released in a timely manner. Exact Editions will deliver and maintain the digital edition, sell institutional subscriptions on its site and platform, and assist in promoting and marketing the digital edition to institutions as well as any support queries. 

Selling to individuals

The Exact Editions database system and platform enables publishers to promote and sell annual and quarterly subscriptions to digital editions of their magazine worldwide to individuals. Subscriptions to digital magazines can be purchased in numerous currencies and publishers can set the price.

Exact Editions assist publishers in promoting, marketing and selling subscriptions in numerous ways: setting up a publisher with an account that allows them to request promo codes and marketing and social packs of images, gifs and videos that can be used on their site and on social media, review a range of reports on sales and subscriber information, and set up bespoke links to the latest or selected back issues to share on a time-limited basis. 

Digitising Archives

Exact Editions have a great deal of experience working with publishers to create and establish lengthy and fully-searchable digital archives with historical significance to institutions. The Tablet includes over 9,000 issues going back to 1840 and New Humanist has been archived since 1900 with over 1,100 back issues.

Publishers simply need to provide Exact Editions with an estimated number of back issues that require scanning in order to receive an archive quote and we will liaise with a scanning company on the publisher’s behalf, arranging the audit of the back issues, sending the back issues for scanning, and creating a digital archive on the Exact Editions platform ready to sell as a subscription to institutions and individuals. The project is always delivered in a timely manner, with a timeline provided, and any requirements to preserve back issues or add historical supplements can also be arranged. 

The Exact Editions digital platform is designed to be suitable and reader-friendly with a cutting-edge stacking interface that allows subscribers to easily browse decades-long archives.


Exact Editions offers publishers a solution through which print subscribers or in the case of a society or association, individuals entitled to the magazine, can gain access as digital subscribers. The subscriptions are universal because they provide web access and app access.

The Exact Editions service provides universal access by checking individual entitlements against a list supplied by the publisher. A subscription is set up by the individual subscriber when they create an account on the Exact Editions system (with the supplied unique number) and this account is checked against a list of unique numbers or codes supplied by the publisher. 

The publisher maintains this list and regularly uploads and updates it to the Exact Editions publisher account, which ensures control over who has access remains in the publisher’s hands. Publishers are advised to upload their lists of entitled members regularly.

White Labelling 

Exact Editions provides a web-based solution for providing access to issue-based magazine archives. Access to this solution can be managed by third parties (magazine publishers and distributors) via implementing an access protocol (Signed URLs) through which web users can use the white-labeled and databased archival solution hosted by Exact Editions.

Exact Editions will build and maintain issue-by-issue fully-searchable and growing archives, and every page of an issue is citable and readable, each with its own unique URL. Access to every issue in the archive is provided to all the members, readers or users, with access controlled by the publisher. 

Bespoke Apps

For all publishers that Exact Editions work with, their titles can be accessible to subscribers via the free to download ‘Exactly’ app. Exact Editions also offers a bespoke service to build and maintain branded iOS apps for its publishing partners that meet the exacting and evolving standards of the Apple iOS Developer Program.

Exact Editions will be able to provide this service for any publishing partner using the Exact Editions e-commerce solution for individuals and selling digital subscriptions from https://shop.exacteditions.com The packaged solution means that the app will have the same functionality as the Exactly app and that individual magazines will have their own branding and direct presence in iTunes. The app will be free for customers to download, with options to purchase monthly or annual subscriptions using their iTunes account.

Bespoke Reading Rooms

One of Exact Editions latest services provides a streaming solution for magazines and books offering readers and subscribers access through the web using its latest ‘Reading Rooms’ technology. The Exact Editions platform can now also be used for showcasing books, catalogues and reports directly from the publisher’s web pages, social media and emails. 

Publishers who work with Exact Editions will have a Publisher Account created on their behalf which gives them access to a variety of marketing and promotional tools and features, including the ‘Reading Rooms’ feature that allows a publisher to create a link providing access to the latest issue, selected back issue or entire archive for a specified time lasting an hour, day, week, month or a specified length of time.


Exact Editions work with a number of membership organisations such as Royal Botanic Gardens, KewTate, and The Royal Society of Biology. As well as assisting in selling subscriptions to digital editions of their published magazines, Exact Editions can now offer to memberships new ways to share their digital content with their members, either through the use of white labelling, universals or through the latest Reading Rooms technology. 


As well as working with magazines, Exact Editions also offer a unique service for book publishers in creating and selling bespoke book collections suitable for institutions. The Carcanet Collection is a growing collection currently including over 240 books from Carcanet list, a diverse and comprehensive list of modern and classic poetry in English and in translation. Introducing Graphic Guides are a collection of unique, comic book-style introductions to humankind’s biggest ideas and thinkers, with over 80 guides included in the collection.

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