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Introducing: Huizache 

Exact Editions is thrilled to announce that the complete, nine issue strong archive of Latinx literature magazine Huizache is now available for individuals and institutions.

Huizache has been at the forefront of Latinx literature and art since 2011, publishing some of the most important and influential Latinx writers spanning generations. The publication focuses on innovative prose and poetry, highlighting voices that too often go unheard in the contemporary literary landscape, and has featured works by poet laureates, MacArthur and Guggenheim … Keep Reading

Introducing: I by IMD

I by IMD, published by the International Institute for Management Development IMD, has digitised its modern archive of print issues with publisher service company, Exact Editions.

I by IMD offers first-person business and leadership intelligence from the brightest thinkers in academia, industry, the third sector, and society. Written by experts for experts, I by IMD curates the latest insight and practice-based research to help leaders and organizations unlock the complex challenges and opportunities that define these turbulent times.

The modern archive depicted on an iPad, and a range of issue thumbnails shown on an iPhone.
The modern
Keep Reading

The Complete 3×3 Archive is Now Available to Institutions and Individual Subscribers 

Exact Editions is delighted to announce that the complete archive of the groundbreaking illustration magazine 3×3 is now available to institutions, libraries & individuals. 3×3 is the first-ever magazine dedicated solely to generations of talented illustrators. Thus, students and visual art enthusiasts alike would be well-suited for a subscription to this title. There are 27 additional issues to peruse and explore on iOS and Android technology.

The first five front covers of the complete archive.

The first five front covers of the complete archive.

3×3 is an illustration magazine … Keep Reading

3×3 magazine is now available to individual subscribers and institutions

3×3 is a magazine which is dedicated to showcasing the best and brightest illustrators in the industry, and Exact Editions is thrilled that we are now offering a subscription to their modern archive. 3×3 is available to individual readers, as well to institutions and libraries worldwide. 

The illuminating front covers of 3×3 magazine.

This magazine is a must-read for those who enjoy studying the history and, also, modernity of the illustration industry and the artists who are currently pushing boundaries … Keep Reading

Full archive of Mslexia now available

Exact Editions is pleased to announce that the full archive of Mslexia magazine is now available to subscribers on the Exact Editions digital platform. Spanning 96 fully searchable back issues to browse, readers can explore the archive going back to 1999.

The magazine for women who write, Mslexia is the only magazine where every reader has the chance to be a potential contributor where almost every part of the magazine is open to submission by any woman writer. The Publishing … Keep Reading

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