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Incremental changes

We made three small changes to the service last week. Small enough that probably nobody noticed. I remember when software development was like loading an omnibus with passengers for a guided excursion. There alwasy a concern that some notable passenger would miss the bus. Finally the development build up would lead to a laborious and risky period of alpha- and beta-testing, revised documentation and eventually a new release would be shipped to customers (floppy disks and all). If it worked … Keep Reading

Where is in this magazine?

The heading is barely grammatical, but it is prompted by a fascinating mashup of Google Book Search and Google Maps. See here for details:


I should warn you that some of the links in the Booksearch blog do not always work as required (ie there is no book-specific map), probably for arcane copyright-related reasons. But there are good maps of the places mentioned in War and Peace and Around the World in Eighty Days. At least I was … Keep Reading

Google Books and Libraries

Google is doing something very interesting with books (see Google Book Search), and it is likely that they are going to spring some surprises on us this year. The Guardian’s Vic Keegan had an insightful piece on this at the weekend. Keegan is the kind of journalist who gets behind the press releases (see his account of how to get your book self-published with Lulu). He gets his finger on the pulse.

But about one thing Vic Keegan … Keep Reading

Acceptable Magazines

We have not yet been asked to sell subscriptions to any ‘top shelf’ magazines. Our current thinking is that were we to be asked we would politely decline. Decisions of this kind are hard to justify and its very hard to demarcate any borderline of taste. There does not seem to us to be any sensible way of offering a ‘topshelf’ in a virtual magazine store, but perhaps we have not thought through the issues. The physical topshelf is handy … Keep Reading

Reading a magazine on your PDA

I dont recommend it, but I am very impressed that people will try it out. Here was some interesting feedback from Philip:

Just subscribed to the Baptist Times Exact Edition. It looks good and works well on my PC, but there is one drawback. If I save the .pdf pages to view on my Palm PDA they are much too small to read. I suspect it may be because the pdf file is based on an image rather than on

Keep Reading

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