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Web 2.0 and referencing

Web 2.0 was a fairly simple, but slightly fuzzy, idea that has already become very complex. Today there is a big high level conference on it — the third Web 2.0 conference. In my (probably excessively) simple-minded view the basic idea is that NOW, about 10 years after the web got going, it is possible to build new types of web appliances, objects, communities, information systems and processes. New, new stuff in which the web is taken to be … Keep Reading

A Gotcha Headline

The new evening paper Thelondonpaper comes from News International, the same stable as The Times and the Sun.

Some of its headlines owe more to the Sun than to its stately sibling the Thunderer. The lead story about Martina Navritilova’s outrage at geneticists research into the sexual preferences of sheep, in last Friday’s issue, was in the Borat class of outrageous cheek and very funny:

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Google’s Book Search Reviewed

Peter Jacso is a Professor of Information Science and a very thorough and perceptive critic of information services especially in the research library context.

He has just produced a thoroughly devastating review of Google Book Search, which suggests that the Google plan to create an archive of all published literature is wildly off-beam. Jacso gives many examples of absurd results from the GBS service, Even with simple searches, there is enough confusion because of the ignorance, illiteracy and innumeracy Keep Reading

Advertising and the pressure on publishing revenues

The Los Angeles Times is for sale, classified and displayed ads are under pressure. Magazine and newspaper publishers and TV companies feel the threat of the web in the search for advertising dollars.

There are at least two suitable weapons of retaliation, readily available, which publishers have been slow to seize on and wield. Print publishers should make sure that their advertisements appear on the web exactly as they do in print and are usefully clickable when they appear. … Keep Reading

Reddit acquired by Conde Nast

I got this from David Weinberger’s blog Joho.

Conde Nast (with the slogan ‘There’s a connection that our readers have with our magazines’) recently purchased the Wired web site. Perhaps Conde Nast has some strategic plan. The Reddit acquisition looks interesting, and complementary to a culture of web-delivered magazines. This is a forum on which all and any magazine article (newspaper story, blog entry, TV program, etc. can be analysed and controverted). But surely Conde Nast now need a … Keep Reading

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