The idea of seamless web access from a plane or a train has been ’round the corner’ for years. But it is not yet quite there. Perhaps 2008 is the year in which things really will change. There has been a flurry of reports which suggest that the dam could soon break.

It is not an easy matter to find out who exactly is doing something here, (as opposed to simply talking about it). Exact Editions is keen to work with any airline, or train company, that wants to offer free magazines to its travellers as a part of the WiFi option. Yes, the magazines should be free for the duration of the journey, and the publishers we have talked to like this concept….

We are keen to develop this service for passengers, airlines, and magazine publishers, because the Exact Editions system is a ‘streaming content’ approach. This makes it really easy to switch on in a WiFi zone, and switch it off when outside the zone. Perhaps just as important, we reckon that there are now NO significant support issues with magazines delivered for free evaluation in an e-commerce situation. Let us know if you want to develop some zone-based evaluation services…..