Creative Review is a bi-monthly magazine that focuses on design, advertising, and commercial creativity across all mediums. The eminent publication joined the Exact Editions platform in 2017, digitising the complete archive with the aim of offering site-wide subscriptions to academic institutions worldwide.

Since 1980, Creative Review has been dissecting marketing strategies and shedding light on innovation. The magazine has been a beacon of the industry for several decades, offering unparalleled insight and inspiration to creatives around the world. In February 2019, the editorial helm was handed to Eliza Williams who has worked at CR for 14 years, so readers can expect a new era of the magazine.

We are very excited to see how Creative Review develops under Eliza’s stewardship, especially having read the June/July issue that devotes itself to ideas. Just some of the questions asked are; How do we generate ideas? What happens when ideas disrupt the status quo? What is the best way to cope with creative burnout? 

Selection of covers from the 38-year archive

Creative Review’s cornerstone has always been that desire to explore the creative process. They go beyond simple analysis of marketing campaigns. They try to unearth the inspiration for ideas, the inner minds of creatives, and the effects of provocative creativity on society as a whole. The archive is an invaluable source for the development of commercial artistry during the last 40 years.

As mentioned, Exact Editions have the privilege of hosting the complete archive of Creative Review, adding new issues as they are released. Every issue is fully-searchable by keyword and available across all devices. The digital archive preserves the visuals of the print version in entirety, including advertisements which are a fundamental part of Creative Review’s history.

Every year of the archive is organised into neat stacks for easy browsing

Why Subscribe?

Creative Review is unique in its examination of the design choices of industry professionals. Each issue presents a specific theme, from climate change and advertising, to special effects, typography and television. This industry focus is what separates the magazine from the majority of art publications that lean more towards gallery exhibitions and art for art’s sake.

The projects that Creative Review covers are designed to make a profit or further a professional agenda. They must be designed with functionality, brand or a particular message in mind, and therefore they provide an important insight into the creative world. This makes the title a perfect resource for students from a variety of creative backgrounds, who are considering moving into the advertising/design sector after education.

The archive is available on any device

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