Hurrah! App Access is now part and parcel of our site-wide subscriptions, thanks to the latest upgrade from our tech team. They’re called network subscriptions.

Forget being tied to a computer: a network subscription allows an entire site roaming access to a title’s app on your own iPad or iPhone.


For those of an academic persuasion, this will mean an end to wandering round the library, unable to snag a computer for your research. Students with an iPad or an iPhone won’t have any need to hover uncomfortably close to that person who’s about to leave (we’ve all been there).

Network subscribers can take advantage of the apps’ mighty search function, bookmarking feature, social media sharing capabilities, and even sync issues for offline use.

So how does it work? If you’re within Wi-Fi range and you’ve got a subscription, you’ve got access. Download the app, open it up, and…that’s it! Simples. The app automatically recognises that you’re in Wi-Fi range.

Snazzy, right?

Network subscriptions can be used to provide access for all sorts of occasions: events, corporates, planes, hotels, coffee houses. The sky’s the limit, with a resource like this.

The beauty of it is that we’re able to tailor the digital offering to each client. If, for instance, Glastonbury festival-goers wanted get their hands on a digital copy of The Wire or Dazed & Confused, the organisers would be able to hook them up in advance.

Or if you were holding an environmental conference and wanted to grant access to, say, Resurgence & The Ecologist to all attendees, or Le Monde Diplomatique for an international conference, we’d be only too happy to set that up.

Our Chairman, Adam Hodgkin delves deeper into the possibilities for network subscriptions in his post on Network Subscriptions and Lufthansa.

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