Music Week at Abbey Road Studios

Yesterday we launched our location-based app service, ByPlace™, at special venues across the globe.

Enabling free access to top-notch titles such as Dazed & Confused from the V & A and Le Monde diplomatique from the Eurostar, ByPlace™ is off to a flying start.

At Abbey Road Studios, Music Week‘s app for iOS is also available for free over the next 3 weeks. To mark the occasion, we teamed up with our dear friends at Music Week to stage our very own recreation of the Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road album cover.

Spot the difference: Music Week & Exact Editions vs. The Beatles

Spot the difference: Music Week & Exact Editions vs. The Beatles

The Beatles at Abbey Road

The Beatles’ final and bestselling album cover, Abbey Road

Fittingly, the latest issue of Music Week also features the Beatles. If you find yourself at Abbey Road Studios, why not download the app and try it out for yourself? Here’s how.

Music Week, The Beatles

Apps that know where they are

Exact Editions was the first magazine platform to deliver magazine apps for the iPhone. We also had magazines on the iPad as soon as it was available. When the Apple iTunes Newsstand arrived all the apps on the Exact Editions platform were there. We have always been at the cutting edge of iOS technology.

Today we announce that Exact Editions apps are the first to be aware of their location. All the magazines and periodicals on the Exact Editions platform now support our ByPlace™ technology, and this means that the behaviour of an app depends on where it is opened. This positional awareness has tremendous potential for all topical, content-rich apps in mobile markets.


Reading the Tablet for free ByPlace in St Peter’s Square

All Exact Editions apps with the 7.4.1 version number have this ByPlace™ capability and an obvious application for publishers and consumers is that it will encourage new forms of digital magazine promotion. A magazine publisher can decide that a standard iTunes app, available for a subscription in iTunes can now be made freely available from a specific place, or several places, for a specified period of time.

In the next three weeks more than a dozen magazines on the Exact Editions platform will be freely and fully available including back issues, to potential consumers who use the iOS apps in specific places: as from today Dazed & Confused will be fully available from the Victoria & Albert museum; Le Monde Diplomatique from either end of the Eurostar line, at St Pancras station and the Gare du Nord; leading Catholic periodicals will be available free from St Peter’s square in the Vatican, and the precincts of Westminster Cathedral in London. The Literary Review will be freely available from the environs of the British Library; Music Week from Abbey Road; the Gooner from the Emirates stadiumOpera magazine from the Royal Opera House and the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center, NYC etc. All the magazines with free ByPlace™ access today can be seen on this Google map. Users who pick up one of the Exact Editions apps, which are all freemium, now see a different message when they come to hidden content:


Sliding the ByPlace™ button  will enable downloads from zones wherever and whenever the magazine app’s content is free in the zone.

Magazines are reading solutions that have evolved to suit specific audiences. The successful magazine defines its own very specific audience, and the best magazines achieve success by appealing to an audience that wants to return to the publication, again, again and again. This is why subscriptions have usually been the best way of selling content to consumer magazines. Exact Editions has focused on the business of selling subscriptions to digital magazines, this focus on selling subscriptions is a great help when it comes to promoting to mobile audiences.

Exact Editions’ Managing Director, Daryl Rayner puts it this way: “Most magazine audiences collect around major events or venues, once or twice a year — or on a more regular basis — the Exact Editions platform which now offers access and promotion ByPlace™  is the best way of reaching these audiences with the simplest and most pleasing digital magazine experience. All the content available is there, within the app, for as long as you stay in the venue”. When you leave the venue you still have the app on your device but you no longer have access to the full service. As Daryl Rayner notes: “We are framing this as promotion ByPlace™, but you can also think of it as trialling by venue, and I guess that the publisher may think of it as selling by location”.  A successful trial of full, free content at a venue, a concert, a conference, an event, or a stadium, translates to a potential subscription as soon as the customer leaves the venue. The free access is no longer available when the customer quits the location, but a subscription to the magazine is just a click away, and the app remains on the customer’s device.

Network Subscriptions: Institutional Access Just Got Smarter

Hurrah! App Access is now part and parcel of our site-wide subscriptions, thanks to the latest upgrade from our tech team. They’re called network subscriptions.

Forget being tied to a computer: a network subscription allows an entire site roaming access to a title’s app on your own iPad or iPhone.


For those of an academic persuasion, this will mean an end to wandering round the library, unable to snag a computer for your research. Students with an iPad or an iPhone won’t have any need to hover uncomfortably close to that person who’s about to leave (we’ve all been there).

Network subscribers can take advantage of the apps’ mighty search function, bookmarking feature, social media sharing capabilities, and even sync issues for offline use.

So how does it work? If you’re within Wi-Fi range and you’ve got a subscription, you’ve got access. Download the app, open it up, and…that’s it! Simples. The app automatically recognises that you’re in Wi-Fi range.

Snazzy, right?

Network subscriptions can be used to provide access for all sorts of occasions: events, corporates, planes, hotels, coffee houses. The sky’s the limit, with a resource like this.

The beauty of it is that we’re able to tailor the digital offering to each client. If, for instance, Glastonbury festival-goers wanted get their hands on a digital copy of The Wire or Dazed & Confused, the organisers would be able to hook them up in advance.

Or if you were holding an environmental conference and wanted to grant access to, say, Resurgence & The Ecologist to all attendees, or Le Monde Diplomatique for an international conference, we’d be only too happy to set that up.

Our Chairman, Adam Hodgkin delves deeper into the possibilities for network subscriptions in his post on Network Subscriptions and Lufthansa.

Gramophone 90 yearsLMD
The WireResurgence Purple

Version 7.0 Has Landed

We are rolling out a spanking new version of every single app. We call it version 7.0.

What’s that when it’s at home? It’s a full Archive Preview and Searchability feature, that’s what. Much like the rumours of iOS 7, our update also includes a lovely redesign, which makes each app stand out from the crowd.

The Archive Preview allows any Tom, Dick or Harry (otherwise known as non-subscribers) to marvel at the full extent of the app’s archive before being asked to subscribe. For many of our titles, the archive includes every published issue of the magazine.

So for Gramophone magazine, that’s back to 1923, whereas for Dazed & Confused, that’d be 1993. For Sainsbury’s Magazine – the latest addition to the archived ranks – it extends back to 2004. That’s a mouth-watering 111 issues available on the app.

Blue Sainbury's Final

The new Searchability feature means that if you wanted to subscribe to Sainsbury’s Magazine with the single solitary purpose of making, say, chocolate brownies for your closest chums, you could make doubly sure that we have many a recipe option – which we most certainly do – before subscribing and parting with any precious funds.

The search results have also been extended so that you see up to 200 of them, rather than the previous 30. Just think… caramel brownies, white chocolate brownies, blackberry brownies… well, you get the picture.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make some brownies! Oh, and here’s one I made earlier…


Dazed & Confused App currently being featured on CBS Outdoor Campaign by Apple

Spotted on the London Underground, Apple’s latest CBS Outdoor Campaign for the iPad. Out of 300,000 Apps, they have chosen to feature the Dazed & Confused Magazine App. The Exact Editions developed App holds the iconic magazine’s Twenty Year archive, with every issue available at the tap of a button. The chosen cover is from the December 2012 issue featuring renowned stylist Nicola Formichetti (picture of the ad on his Tumblr) and J-pop Princess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. 


The App features –

  • Social Media Sharing
  • Bookmarking across the entire archive
  • Syncing issues for offline reading
  • Access for Print and Digital subscribers
  • Live Links to email addresses, websites, telephone numbers etc.
Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said of this development: 
‘It is fantastic to see the Dazed & Confused App hand picked by Apple to feature in their latest advertising campaign. The iPad is not only a beautiful platform for magazines, but Newsstand also offers publishers unprecedented access to previously unreachable subscribers.’
To find out more simply download the App here –