Most book publishers produce Catalogues of their publications, either seasonal lists (the publisher’s year has only two seasons: Spring and Autumn) or subject catalogues. These printed catalogues are an important sales tool, particularly valuable to exporters, trade buyers and librarians. In some cases the publisher will make the Catalogue available as a PDF file from their web site. This is generally a good idea, because the Catalogue will get additional circulation and the creative and design effort that has been expended on the print catalogue should be used to maximum advantage.

Publishers who use their print catalogues in this way should seriously consider using the Exact Editions platform to accelerate the use and access to their Catalogue information. The benefits that come from using this platform include:

1. automatic click-throughs from ISBNs to a retailer of choice (and/or to the publisher’s own web site).
2. fast and efficient search
3. ability to link directly to individual catalogue pages from web site or from email campaigns and blogs
4. immediate access – no downloads required
5. comprehensive usage reports

We have prepared a very straightforward packaged solution implementing this service for publishers at a highly competitive rate. We also provide the service in a branded format that can be tightly linked to the publishers’ existing web services. Any publisher interested in the potential of this service should check out The Bookseller special issue which uses the Exact Editions platform in exactly this way, then email us for a Rate Card.