Welcome to the seventh Archive Flashback post! We have decided to slightly change the format of this blog series to focus on some of our individual titles. This week we bring you a glimpse into the extensive digital archive of The Times Literary Supplement. 

The TLS has been a highly acclaimed journal for decades, originally published in 1902 as a supplement to The Times. The serial then went on to form its own publication in 1914, publishing some of the world’s most famous writers including the likes of T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf and A.N Wilson. It became renowned in many academic fields such as fiction, poetry, criticism and politics, with the popular supplement remaining as one of the world’s leading literary journals today.

Exact Editions are currently the only platform offering institutions access to the modern archive and all new issues of the magazine. In addition to this, the platform offers a bespoke reading experience featuring an exact replica of the print edition, complete with striking images and high definition text. View a selection of open access articles from the digital archive below!

19th October 2012 — Sin and Scylla

Sin and Scylla

In this article, Nigel Smith explores the influence of Ovid on Milton’s poetry, noting his well-known debt to his classical predecessor and analysing the shades of moral judgement in his work. View the full article here.

30th October 2015 — Dog and Man

Dog and Man

In this issue from the TLS archive, we look back at an article from October 2015, in which Stephen Lovell explores the life of Ivan Pavlov including his research successes and the ever-changing political landscape that surrounded him. Read the full article here.

10th May 2019 — No posthumous privacy

No posthumous privacy

Finally, we look at Stefan Collini’s analysis of the letters written by T.S Eliot regarding his early requests for posthumous privacy and the difficulty maintaining this once he had found enormous fame. Read the complete article here.

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