The library community on Twitter is a weird and wonderful part of the internet. Social media provides a great platform for libraries to show-off books, maps, origami skills, gif game, animal mascots, plants, architecture, the weather, and well, pretty much anything. It’s a brilliant way to increase engagement and alter public perception of libraries. By building their online presence, libraries are showing everyone that they are important pillars of our local, national and worldwide communities.

In a bit of a Buzzfeed moment, we thought we’d put together a list of our six favourite libraries on Twitter.

The Falmer Library, University of Brighton.

Every Friday you can expect a cryptic song challenge, most of which seem impossible at first glance, but we’ve started to get the hang of it! Try your luck at this week’s tricky entry.

University of Liverpool Library

The Tweeter(s) behind this account pop up with some golden tweets, the one below is a particular favourite. With a refreshing emphasis on well-being and stress reduction, their timeline is full of wholesome content and frequent animal posts.

The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

The Bodleian is blessed with some of the rarest and coolest resources in the world. Recently they posted several threads on Leo Davinci, and I simply can’t wait for the exhibition in the British Library this Summer. It’s not all information though, they have a great sense of humour and often run interactive posts for everyone to enjoy.

The National Library of Scotland

You’re gonna get a weather update most mornings. A heavyweight in the library banter scene, we guarantee they’ll change your timeline for the better. *Also, they’re running a #Talking1980s theme at the moment with loads of great content, check it out.

Orkney Library

The beauty of social media is that Orkney Library, serving a population of 20,000 people or so, is a powerhouse on Twitter. With 65,000 followers hanging eagerly on their every word. Striking a fine line between surreal humour and really engaging archive highlights, they’re a must-follow!

Shetland Library

Another small Scottish island making a big splash on Twitter is Shetland. And it’s not all about the ponies, there are dinosaurs too! We sense there’s a bit of a friendly rivalry with Orkney… not to stir the pot, but Orkney’s Balls vs The Shetland Dinosaur would be a clash of the Titans.

Honourable Mention — Fake Library Statistics

Quick, funny tweets from a mysterious librarian. No idea how they come up with so many of these.