Exact Editions is delighted to announce two new music titles, Classic Pop, and Vintage Rock, from Anthem Publishing, have come on board with Exact Editions and digital subscriptions to their magazines are available to individuals and institutions now.

Classic Pop magazine is the ultimate celebration of great pop and chart music. Each issue brings the very best artist interviews and features, music news plus a packed reviews section from the new wave acts of the late-70s through to the synth-pop, New Romantic, ska, indie and guitar greats of the 80s and chart stars of the 90s, as well as bringing the story bang up-to-date with new acts that have a retro flavour.

Classic Pop also enjoys fantastic access to the stars of the 80s, sharing their reminiscences of their pomp and their personal stories that let their fans feel part of their lives. Readers can enjoy the inclusion of over fifteen back issues to browse as well as upcoming issues published.

Vintage Rock celebrates a time when music really did change the world. From the showmanship of Elvis Presley and Little Richard, to the songcraft of Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry, to the pioneering recordings of Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and a host of other legends, Vintage Rock celebrates classic rock’n’roll for a contemporary audience. 

Featuring the finest writing, rare pictures, exclusive interviews, reviews of new singles and albums, and coverage of today’s vibrant live scene, Vintage Rock is a unique magazine that relishes the vitality and flair of the music that started everything. Each issue serves up exclusive interviews and in-depth features as well as a comprehensive reviews section that includes new albums, reissues and live shows, highlighting the golden era of the 50s and 60s, through the rockabilly revival of the 80s, and on to current artists. A digital subscription will include the previous ten back issues as well as all upcoming issues. 

On the Exact Editions digital platform, a subscription to either title includes enhanced features such as fully searchable issues that that enable ease of searching any artist, band, album. Other features include cross-platform availability across web, iOS, Android devices and syncing issues for offline use, allowing users to browse both newly published and back issues at home or on the go. 

Classic Pop and Vintage Rock also now join the growing Contemporary Music Collection available to institutions, a thirteen-magazine collection that brings subscribers the latest developments in contemporary music, exploring new technology, the underground scene, and experimental projects with fully-searchable access to over 2,000 issues included.

For institutions interested in requesting a free trial of Classic Pop and Vintage Rock, please click here and here.

Individuals can purchase an annual or quarterly subscription to Classic Pop and Vintage Rock by clicking here and here.

For institutions interested in requesting a free trial of the Contemporary Music Collection, please click here.