The Spectator is our first live title.

The Spectator currently has 32 back issues in the system. Hot on its heels the second magazine up is the Literary Review, with 6 issues loaded. The Spectator is a weekly, whereas Literary Review is a monthly, so they both have about half a year of free back issues available to new subscribers who will get a full year’s worth of new issues for their subscription.

Running some trials of the search engine we find that “David Cameron” the new leader of the British Conservative Party is mentioned 118 times, whereas “Dave Cameron” is mentioned only 7 times in The Spectator. It looks as though the “Dave” concept is not going to stick. We mentioned this curiosity to Richard Charkin and he passes it on in his blog –which is the first to take notice of our service.

Each magazine has a single trial issue, available for inspection and free reading, in our ‘shop’ area, and they are full of entertaining articles. A search on ‘lobster and Titanic’ leads to a hilarious but also revolting passage in the Literary Review. Not for the squeamish.