It is nearly 6 months since we last posted to this blog. More magazines in our system, more subscribers, more user feedback and we have paid our first revenue shares to participating publishers. Accompanying the growing traffic, steady improvements to the delivery platform.

Perhaps the most important improvement is that the Exact Editions system can now render as clickable urls, email addresses and phone numbers (if they are in international format) that occur in print. This improved interactivity helps readers, but is also very valuable to advertisers through increasing response rates, and to publishers in getting strong data on which clicks work and where.

One of the first magazines to benefit from our improved interactivity was The Green Parent.

Which has some directory pages full of urls.

When our system went live with these clickthroughs, I spent 20 minutes shopping for a new summer shirt. Shopping off the page is straightforward and the clickthroughs are seductive. I have a new hemp shirt to prove it. When explaining our system, we sometimes characterise our pages as ‘dumb’ JPEGs. The web pages that we deliver are in effect images of the print pages, but with these clickable links the JPEGs are no longer so dumb.