We are rolling out a spanking new version of every single app. We call it version 7.0.

What’s that when it’s at home? It’s a full Archive Preview and Searchability feature, that’s what. Much like the rumours of iOS 7, our update also includes a lovely redesign, which makes each app stand out from the crowd.

The Archive Preview allows any Tom, Dick or Harry (otherwise known as non-subscribers) to marvel at the full extent of the app’s archive before being asked to subscribe. For many of our titles, the archive includes every published issue of the magazine.

So for Gramophone magazine, that’s back to 1923, whereas for Dazed & Confused, that’d be 1993. For Sainsbury’s Magazine – the latest addition to the archived ranks – it extends back to 2004. That’s a mouth-watering 111 issues available on the app.

Blue Sainbury's Final

The new Searchability feature means that if you wanted to subscribe to Sainsbury’s Magazine with the single solitary purpose of making, say, chocolate brownies for your closest chums, you could make doubly sure that we have many a recipe option – which we most certainly do – before subscribing and parting with any precious funds.

The search results have also been extended so that you see up to 200 of them, rather than the previous 30. Just think… caramel brownies, white chocolate brownies, blackberry brownies… well, you get the picture.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make some brownies! Oh, and here’s one I made earlier…