Our latest title is Shattered — which carries the subtitle ‘breaking the glass ceiling’. It joined our ‘shop’ today. The magazine is the brain child of a transatlantic team based in New York and London and is recently launched. They are now on their second issue. So this our latest but also our newest title (The Spectator — founded nearly 300 years ago — is our oldest).

The launch and trial issue available in our shop has a fascinating article on ambitious plans for one of London’s best galleries, The Whitechapel.

The Whitechapel Art Gallery If you dont already know it, you should plan a visit on your next trip to London. The development plan discussed in the article will expand the art gallery by taking over the former library next door. The Whitechapel team will be working with Rachel Whiteread as an advisor to their plans — and knowing the work of Rachel Whiteread one wonders what this might lead to? An embalmed model of the old library in the new art gallery perhaps? It might look like this.