The Exact Editions platform was designed for use with digital magazines. But there is really no reason why it should not also be used with newsprint. So we have been running trials with a few of the new free newspapers that appear to be mushrooming in the European market. I have also been taking a personal interest in the phenomenon. Six weeks ago I relocated to Florence — which will become my permanent base — with regular visits to London. Florence has a thriving competition in the free newspaper arena. There are four daily freesheets.

The one I read most often is nice and short (which suits my rather minimal and slow Italian comprehension); but it is a really excellent newspaper called simply: Il Firenze. It is one of a stable of 13 freesheets from the Italian company Gruppo Grauso. This week they are launching editions for Milan and Rome.

There is a good page of information on the diverse European freesheet market.

P Bakker’s list looks pretty comprehensive, though he has not yet caught up with the changing London market. This is the newest entrant in London.