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Velo Vision

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A Careers Guide for the New Scientist

The current issue of the New Scientist is using a 72 page Careers Supplement on the Exact Editions platform. Follow the links on their home page to the Careers Guide.

I guess we can all benefit from Alison Motluk’s advice on Six Steps to a Stress-Free Career.

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DRM (Rights Management) and Access Management

Earlier this week Steve Jobs started to blog on the Apple web site. His is a fascinating argument and surprising in some ways, since Apple has the most successful DRM system on the planet.

But he is right. It must be in the interests of music publishers and creative artists to move to a marketplace which allows device-independent music acquisition. The trouble is that publishers and artists are understandably nervous of a technology (eg the MP3 file format) which facilitates … Keep Reading

Ecological impacts

We have blogged before about the ecological impact of the magazine industry. We would like to muster some arguments that could show the extent to which digital magazines really are a sound ecological development as they appear to be.

Before we get too committed to this approach, here is a thought from left-field: perhaps we should really be persuading magazine publishers to print magazines white on black, rather than mostly black on white? In this way the magazine industry … Keep Reading

Rare Book Review

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