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Our latest title is Shattered — which carries the subtitle ‘breaking the glass ceiling’. It joined our ‘shop’ today. The magazine is the brain child of a transatlantic team based in New York and London and is recently launched. They are now on their second issue. So this our latest but also our newest title (The Spectator — founded nearly 300 years ago — is our oldest).

The launch and trial issue available in our shop has a fascinating articleKeep Reading

Free Newspapers

The Exact Editions platform was designed for use with digital magazines. But there is really no reason why it should not also be used with newsprint. So we have been running trials with a few of the new free newspapers that appear to be mushrooming in the European market. I have also been taking a personal interest in the phenomenon. Six weeks ago I relocated to Florence — which will become my permanent base — with regular visits to London. … Keep Reading

Pro Bono

Earlier this week we delivered the pilot issue of a new newspaper for the youth of Rwanda. This has been conceived by the group Never Again International. They have produced the pilot to test the market and to help them raise funds for printing regular issues in the Great Lakes region of Africa:


Clicking on the ‘risingvoices’ logo takes you to their pilot project.

The publication includes a review of the autobiography of the brave and heroic Canadian soldier, … Keep Reading

Back again

It is nearly 6 months since we last posted to this blog. More magazines in our system, more subscribers, more user feedback and we have paid our first revenue shares to participating publishers. Accompanying the growing traffic, steady improvements to the delivery platform.

Perhaps the most important improvement is that the Exact Editions system can now render as clickable urls, email addresses and phone numbers (if they are in international format) that occur in print. This improved interactivity helps readers, … Keep Reading

The system goes live with the first magazines

The Spectator is our first live title.

The Spectator currently has 32 back issues in the system. Hot on its heels the second magazine up is the Literary Review, with 6 issues loaded. The Spectator is a weekly, whereas Literary Review is a monthly, so they both have about half a year of free back issues available to new subscribers who will get a full year’s worth of new issues for their subscription.

Running some trials of the search … Keep Reading

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