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Welcome the New Year

At the start of 2006 Exact Editions was running some test magazines through our system. They are still there. We had no commercial service at all. That began in February.

As the year turns we have:

32 magazines in the shop
506 issues in your hands if you subscribe to them all.
But we have processed many more issues. 1908 have been through our hands so far (as a ‘whitelabled’ service to publishers, or for test purposes, or … Keep Reading

Last Minute Shopping

If, on reading the last posting, you decide that a digital subscription for a friend, nephew, aunt, colleague, or distant lover is the present that you still have to buy before Christmas:

All you need to do is to buy the annual subscription for your chosen magazine in the normal way (using PayPal and/or your credit card as our shop encourages you to do) and then email support@exacteditions.com and tell us that this is a gift subscription, mention the … Keep Reading

Radical Transparency and Web Intimacy

Chris Anderson, who wrote the book The Long Tail and is Editor of Wired magazine, has written a stimulating piece on ‘What Radical Transparency would mean for Wired‘.

There is a lot to consider in the two-part posting. It got me to thinking about the way the web enables any media business to establish a surprisingly close, immediate and in a sense intimate relationship with the audience (the market, the readership), while at the same time there is … Keep Reading

Ancient Egypt

Beginners guide to hieroglyphic inscriptions.

Maps and a timeline.

Keep Reading

The Liberal

Ayaan Hirsi Ali contributes an essay on feminism.

Fifth Wreath (poem) by Richard Burns

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Page 222 of 235

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