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Shopping for magazines

Today (at 2.00 am UK time) we made an important change to the Exact Editions shop.

Subscribers no longer have to wait for an email to give them login details. They set up their account and choose a password before paying, so as soon as they have confirmed their purchase, their new sub is ready and waiting and they already know how to log in. It’s a small change on the surface but a lot smoother.

The new foundations will … Keep Reading

Magazine Making News

The Scientific American has a coup with its article by Bill Gates on A Robot in Every Home.

I like this sentence which comes near his conclusion:

In fact, as mobile peripheral devices become more and more common, it may be increasingly difficult to say exactly what a robot is. Because the new machines will be so specialized and ubiquitous–and look so little like the two-legged automatons of science fiction–we probably will not even call them robots.

That may … Keep Reading

New Consumer

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall being funny about oranges. Serious too.

Ethical baby shoes.

The greenest way to subscribe to this magazine?

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Art Monthly

Marcel Duchamp still has the power to shock

Henry Lydiate has been contributing to this magazine for 30 years. Not bad?

Unusually, except for its covers, this magazine stays with black & white as a matter of design principle. It seems to work very well as a digital offering without colour. What do you think? Here are one, two and three effective examples.

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Predictions for 2007

Wired’s Wild predictions are funny and interesting. But this is one that I really do NOT buy:

Print to Web
A major newspaper gives up printing on paper to publish exclusively online.

No major newspaper is going to do that, certainly not this year. But there is a great deal of gloom in the newsprint world, and to a degree it is creeping over to magazines. Today’s Financial Times has an insightful analysis of the situation — especially with respect … Keep Reading

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