The publishers have put up a new trial issue of the magazine Opera. This is the current March issue and it also include a 48 pp supplement covering the career of Luciano Pavarotti as recorded in the magazine.

There is a warm mid-career review from George Gualerzi, published in 1981; but warm though it is, Gualerzi does not shirk the Pavarotti problems (John Allison’s phrase in his judicious editorial)

Opera is also the name of the valiant, free, originally Norwegian and still independent browser. I have started using it. For 18 months I have used Safari and Firefox (since upgrading from Windows to a MacBook) but in the last few weeks I have noticed that Gmail (and Google Reader) seems to be running a ‘slow script’ which hobbles both these browsers. Opera seems not to be affected, and it has a number of nice features, including speed (also Speed Dial and the pw manager Wand). I think I will gradually convert to it.