Hello! So, you’ve started your Exact Editions subscription, what next? The platform is packed with useful features created to help you explore the magazine, here are some tips on how to get started:

The Exact Editions App

All magazine subscriptions are available to view on Web, iOS and Android devices. This can be done by downloading the Exactly app and connecting to the institutional wi-fi. If the user is within the IP ranges provided by the institution then the magazine will appear automatically without any need to log in with a username and password.

The app allows users to save entire issues for offline use, making Exact Editions magazines highly portable and accessible wherever you are. Pages can be bookmarked and the search function works in the same way as the Web version.


Granta on iPad

Promotion on your site

Our tech team have developed a rather cool tool to help you promote Exact Editions resources to your library users. The Sample Code feature provides ready-made HTML to allow you to display the latest issue cover on your site. Users will be able to click this thumbnail to read the latest issue or search for relevant results in Dazed — perfect for recommended reading pages, new resource profiles and subject guides!

Further, you can also add a Search Box to your site which will allow users to sift through the archive directly from your website.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 16.24.31

Sample Code is available in your administrative account.

If you would like some advice on increasing usage or marketing materials, please contact us via institutions@exacteditions.com

Searching and Browsing

Perhaps the most powerful feature of the Exact Editions platform is the ability to search complete archives by keyword, as well as supporting Boolean search. The search function of Exact Editions is designed to enhance the content of the magazines, streamlining research for information-hungry students.

To search a magazine, simply type in your term on the search bar and let the magic happen. For example; a reader of Creative Review may want to search for the influence of technology in the world of art. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are over 200 results for technology in the archive, which you can sort by relevance or date.

Exact Editions Search Technology

Search results for ‘Technology’ in the complete Creative Review archive.

You can then click the entry which you wish to view, and the word you searched for will be highlighted in the text, see example below:

Exact Editions Text Highlighting

Search results for ‘Technology’ in Creative Review, February 2005, Page 40.

Issue Stacking

The Exact Editions platform automatically stacks issues into a chronological format, organised by the year in which they were published. This may seem like a small feature, but don’t be fooled — looking for sources on a specific era of music, historical event or artistic movement has never been easier.

The stacking feature combines perfectly with the searching function as users can search for specific terms across the entire archive, specific decades, years and individual issues.

Exact Editions - Stacking Feature

Issue stacking for Sight & Sound from the 2000s.


Finally, every page on Exact Editions has its own unique URL, meaning that it couldn’t possibly be easier for students to cite their sources (now they have no excuse!). Unique URLs also mean it is possible for users to bookmark specific pages for future browsing — which could be useful for academic research or for using the resource in a seminar/presentation.

The toolbar located at the bottom of every page offers several options to share pages by email or through Social Media channels, as well as the ability to save individual pages in PDF format for offline use.

Exact Editions - Sharing Tools

See the Unique URL and the toolbar which is visible on every Exact Editions page.

So there you have it — a whistle-stop tour of Exact Editions.

If you have any questions, our subscriptions team are available at institutions@exacteditions.com