Welcome to the first post in the #ISBNReadingRoomsGuide blog series. 

Today we’re going to be explaining what ISBN Reading Rooms are and how they can be used to increase book sales through social media.

What are ISBN Reading Rooms?

The ISBN Reading Rooms service is the free version of Reading Rooms for Books, a book marketing tool that publishers can employ across all digital marketing channels to reach larger audiences and increase book sales. Yes, you heard that right, ISBN Reading Rooms is completely free for publishers to upload an unlimited amount of pdfs to.

ISBN Reading Rooms allows publishers to select the number of pages at the front and back of each book available to preview and each ISBN Reading Room link directs users to a purchasing page of the publisher’s choice.

ISBN Reading Rooms upload process.

e.g. Climate Justice (published by Bloomsbury) ISBN Reading Room link: exacteditions.com/isbn/9781408888438

How can ISBN Reading Room Links be Used on Social Media? 

ISBN Reading Room links can be used on social media to promote books:

1. When they’re available to pre-order.

2. On their publication day.

3. Once they’ve received reviews.

Publisher Spotlight: Hackett Publishing

Hackett Publishing promoting Destroying to Replace: Settler Genocides of Indigenous Peoples being reviewed by Lora Wildenthal, Chair of the History Department at Rice University.

View Destroying to Replace: Settler Genocides of Indigenous Peoples ISBN Reading Room link here.

View the Instagram post here.

4. Featured in events e.g. author tours, literary festivals, book fairs, conferences, webinars.

5. Featured in podcasts.

Publisher Spotlight: Hackett Publishing

Hackett Publishing promoting Christopher Atwood speaking about his book ‘The Rise of the Mongols: Five Chinese Sources’ on the What is Asia? podcast.

View The Rise of the Mongals: Five Chinese Sources’ ISBN Reading Room link here.

View the tweet here

6. Relevant to awareness days.

7. Selected for awards.

Publisher Spotlight: Carcanet Press

Carcanet Press promoting Roots Home by Gillian Clarke being shortlisted for Wales Book of the Year 2022.

View Roots Home’s ISBN Reading Room link here.

View the tweet here

What is Reading Rooms Pro?

Reading Rooms Pro, the paid version of Reading Rooms for Books, includes the below added features:

  • Setting up Google Analytics to track data from the digital editions.
  • Opening up any of section of the book for preview.
  • Distributing time-limited full access links to individual books.
  • Curating collections, which can be viewed as previews or full access to each book.

Publisher Spotlight: Edinburgh University Press

Edinburgh University Press promoting their virtual book collection at the American Political Science Association 2022 annual meeting & exhibition.

View the Full Access Reading Room link to the virtual book collection here.

View the tweet here.

To celebrate the recent launch, we’re offering a discounted price on Reading Rooms Pro until the end of 2022. Please get in touch at publisher@exacteditions.com for more information. 

Create an ISBN Reading Room here.