The Kindle is the name given to the eBook reader that Amazon have been developing (we still dont know how its pronounced). But we should soon find out. CNET’s gadget reviewer Crave has been

[invited] to an Amazon event here in New York on the 19th [November]. When I asked whether the product was the e-book reader, he wouldn’t say (he gave me the usual “you’ll have to show up to find out”). But since the Kindle was due to be announced back in October, it seems safe to assume, this is finally it.

The recently re-released Sony Reader gets a devastating review from 43 Folders, and the Ars Technica review is more polite, more thorough, but really damning with the faintest of praise.

The Amazon project sounds interesting and we look forward to the real world reactions. There is a hint that it will carry magazines. Some of the issues are discussed by Peter Brantley and Booksquare. If Crave is right about the E-ink platform, we have reservations about its chances. No colour? (E-ink doesnt yet do that). Magazines?

Booksquare hits the nail on the head. The iPhone is the way to go.