Exact Editions is assembling and providing free access to a digital collection of non-fiction books related to the history and culture of Ukraine in support of the Ukrainian people during these difficult times. 

The collection currently includes 18 books from Yale University Press, Edinburgh University Press, Reaktion, Hurst, Central European University Press, Cambridge Scholars Publishing and Open Book Publishers. The books are written by specialists in European history, Russian studies, political science, Islamic history and art and film.

The books will be freely available for global access until 15th April 2022, offering a thorough understanding to those seeking further knowledge.


“The Ukraine Digital Books Collection is a wonderful project. I encourage readers everywhere to consult these books and deepen their understanding of Ukraine’s history and culture.”

Professor Philippe Sands, QC

The collection was put together in one week using the standard Exact Editions upload system and Reading Rooms technology, which supports multi-publisher collections and time-limited access.

Publishers who wish to contribute a book to the Ukraine Digital Book Collection should upload a trial PDF title for free via the Exact Editions Dropbox site, ensuring files adhere to the required specifications

After the period of public open access, there will remain a page with bibliographic details and links to websites from which the titles can be purchased.

Please direct any questions to publisher@exacteditions.com.

#PublishersForUkraine 🇺🇦