And just like that, we’re BACK with a new series of librarian interviews — and we can’t wait for you to check it out (see what we did there?) 📚

In Volume 1, we chatted to Allison Comrie, Librarian at the Alberta University of the Arts, about her role and libraries as places for social connection, storytelling and knowledge creation.

The Interview

What’s your role in the library? 

I manage collection development, design and deliver instruction, offer copyright advice, assist with day to day operations and many other things!

What are you most proud of about being a librarian? 

Being an advocate for access to information and promoting life long learning, curiosity and wonder.

Who is your favourite author? 

Hard question!!! I recently read Ocean Vuong’s, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous and fell in love with their writing.

How do you think libraries are going to change in the next decade? 

Not from a change perspective, but my hope is that they will continue to be used as places for social connection, storytelling and knowledge creation.

What is the most memorable patron interaction you have had? 

Hard question again! I’ve had the privilege to work with artists, writers and musicians in their studios doing reference interviews, so I think the culmination of those experiences is something I always think fondly of and reflect back upon with gratitude.

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Many thanks to Allison for kicking off this new series! 👏

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