Andy Jones has had a long-standing career writing about music production and technology, which began at Music Technology and Keyboard Review. Currently, he is the Editor of Computer Music which he helped launch back in 1997/98. He has also been involved in the editorial teams at Future Music and Music Tech.

Published by Future Plc, Computer Music is a monthly magazine that teaches newcomers and seasoned pros alike how to make music with a Mac, PC or mobile device. Each issue includes amazing free extras to download including samples, plugins, videos, software demos, tutorials, and other content related to the issue.

1. What drew you to working at Computer Music?

I’ve been writing about music technology and production for 30 years, starting on Music Technology and Keyboard Review. I then edited Future Music and launched Computer Music in 1997/8. After a stint on MusicTech, the job came up on CM some 20 years after I launched it and I couldn’t resist. I thought it might be fun to see if I could still fit in the old clothes (as it were).

2. What is the best thing about being a computer technologist?

Honestly? Getting to try out all the latest software (and some hardware) before anyone else. Pure and simple. And mostly for free too. Too honest?

3. What do you find to be the most challenging part of editing a magazine issue?

Easily the lack of budget compared to 20/30 years ago. People might think we have a huge team of people, but where we once had six people on the magazine full time, now it’s barely one and a half.

4. Is there a particular issue you are most proud of?

The 21st Birthday Issue (Issue 279) was the first one I did on my return. Self indulgent, narcissistic, over the top? Yes, but great fun. The 90s Special (Issue 282), the TB-303 issue (Issue 303), 60 Years Of The Synth (Issue 307), the 80s Issue (Issue 301) and the 40 Greatest Synth Sounds Of All Time (Issue 294) were good too. Thinking about it, that’s all nostalgia isn’t it? I’m old…

The Computer Music issues Andy Jones lists in his answer to question 4.

5. Is there anything coming up soon that Computer Music readers would like to know about?

Some fabulous issues on the cards — I’m stealing ideas left, right and centre. We’ve just done a Drum Machines issue, giving away three of them, and are just working on some ‘budget’ issues so people can still carry on making music in these hard-pressed times. Loads of great free plugins on the cards too!

Thank you for speaking to us Andy! We’re excited to see what the future holds for Computer Music.

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