The Central Division is second of the three divisions of the American Philosophical Association in 2021, along with the Pacific Division organised for April this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, The 2021 Central Division will held virtually from the 22nd to the 27th February 2021.

Exact Editions has supplied to the upcoming digital meeting an open digital display of over 40 philosophy titles from 7 book publishers, along with 5 periodicals. This time-limited and open access digital collection is easily accessible by way of a clickable link. Each book is fully searchable, with linked contents pages, allowing ease of both access and research of subject-specific terms or browsing preferred chapters.

This straight-forward way of providing digital access to multiple book titles for virtual book showcases is supplied through Exact Editions’ new and cutting-edge Reading Rooms service, available as a feature for current publishing clients for its magazine titles.

The full set of titles can be accessed here:

The following titles supplied by the mentioned book publishers listed below are currently included in the current open digital display of philosophy titles available until the end of the APA Central Conference:

Hackett Publishing

  • Environmental Ethics
  • Logic and Philosophy (13th edition)
  • God and the World’s Arrangement
  • Reason in the Balance (2nd edition)
  • Thinking Through Questions
  • Aristotle: De Caelo
  • Zhuangzi: The Complete Writings
  • The Plotinus Reader

The Hackett Collection can also be viewed here:

Broadview Press

  • Ethical Reasoning, Theory and Application
  • Moral Philosophy: A Contemporary Introduction
  • Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy
  • The Broadview Introduction to Philosophy

The Broadview Press Collection can also be viewed here:

De Gruyter

  • Expressiveness
  • Natural Born Monads
  • Doing Things Together
  • Peirce On The Uses Of History

The De Gruyter Collection can also be viewed here:


  • The Art of Chinese Philosophy
  • Freedom, Resentment & the Metaphysics of Morals
  • How Logic Works
  • The Murder of Professor Schlick
  • On Being Me
  • Think Least of Death
  • Why Trust Science?
  • What Is Political Philosophy?

The Princeton Collection can also be viewed here:

Each book can be viewed on different devices using the given link


  • Nietzsche’s Dawn
  • Aesthetics, A Comprehensive Anthology
  • Reading Philosophy
  • This is Bioethics, An Introduction
  • This is Philosophy of Religion, An Introduction
  • The Philosopher’s Toolkit: A Compendium of Philosophical Concepts and Methods
  • Blackwell Great Minds: Berkeley
  • Asian Worldviews: Religions, Philosophies, Political Theories
Each book is fully searchable and its contents fully linked


  • Smart Technologies and Fundamental Rights
  • Beauvoir in Time
  • Brill’s Companion to the Reception of Athenian Democracy
  • Buddhist Philosophy of Consciousness

The Brill Collection can also be viewed here:

Oxford (from the Oxford Philosophical Concepts series)

  • Evil: A History
  • Persons: A History
  • Telelogy: A History
  • Space: A History

The Oxford Philosophical Concepts Collection can also be viewed here:

Each collection can be viewed separately

Additional content to the APA Collection for the Central conference now include additional periodicals:

  • Canadian Journal of Philosophy, published by Cambridge University Press
  • The Philosopher
  • The Philosophers’ Magazine
  • The Point
  • Prospect Magazine

For more information on our Reading Rooms service or our partnership with the APA for their Central conference, please contact us here.