Geographical magazine launched its impressive digital archive, dating back to 1935, when the magazine was first founded. The archive boasts over eighty years worth of issues, to which digital subscribers now have unlimited access.

Digital subscribers to Geographical can now journey through history, as well as geography, with access to 81 years of world travel experience. Readers can immerse themselves in 1930’s voyages of exploration, view the world through the lens of the second world war or, as civilisations become increasingly culturally diverse and socially integrated, contemplate the changing face of the globe.


Geographicalas the official magazine of the RoyalGeographical Society, is published to fund the advancement of exploration and research in geographical topics, such as travel and conservation. The Geographical magazine archive explores these topics in depth, through an ideal pairing of engaging articles and stunning photography.

As a digital subscriber to Geographical, you have unlimited access to the full archive. Explore today.