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FAQ #2

The FAQs are getting there. They should be up real soon now. Previous blog on this was wrong about one thing. Word and the discipline of putting the FAQs in a Word doc was more fruitful and more necessary than predicted. Before long we will write our FAQs through a wiki, but ‘pro tem’ the Word document format is a useful staging post.

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A to B

The product reviews in this magazine are a compulsive read. Thorough, witty and to the point. Try this one on the Sinclair A-Bike. Which the reviewer finds “…oddly reminiscent of the C5 — a superb idea, quite well executed but impractical in the real world.” Ouch.

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Usability and the user

David Weinberger’s Joho the Blog often has interesting stuff about content, labelling, usability and web styles and fashions. Yesterday he blogged a devastating critique of Microsoft’s new music player from Andy Ihnatko in the Chicago Sun-Times. The bottom line (in Weinberger’s summary):

Zune sucks because it was designed to meet the music industry’s needs, not the users’.

Ihnatko’s review is convincing, but then I am not completely enamoured of the iPod either. But this comment about making the user … Keep Reading

Press Gazette — requiem

The Guardian reports and the Press Gazette site confirms that the paper is to close. I suppose that it is possible that a bid will emerge, post mortem, but it must be much harder to revive a title once its journalists and staff have been let go. So this may be the end of a valuable magazine…..

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Google Book Search

Google have changed some aspects of their reading-interface. See their blog announcement.

There are a couple of aspects to the new style that I dont like. Google Book Search now lets you scroll down a book in the way that you might scroll down a PDF file with a slider. It doesnt help me that you get pages in a cut-off situation and not always regularly in the middle of your viewing area. Just because we have had this system … Keep Reading

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