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The iPhone, with bated breath

Like most nerdy types we have been waiting for the launch of the iPhone for months. From its earliest demo , Steve Jobs was showing it with a newspaper web site and stressing the advantages of being able to read the paper on your phone……

Today we hear that the iPhone will come with Safari. Unlike most digital magazine platforms, Exact Editions only requires a standard browser on the client-side. Our pages are simple web pages, no proprietary … Keep Reading

The Guardian’s 50,000th issue

Published today. To celebrate they have put up 50 of their front pages, 50,000 issues since 1821.

Stepping through their front pages one notices how the pace of change and innovation has accelerated. The first colour on page one happens as recently as 1996. The Berliner format only covers the last few examples. More colour, reduction in format size, blockier layout……

The funny thing is, it is almost as though newspaper editors and designers KNOW that they have to … Keep Reading

Floating Jellyfish with Interactive Advertising

The Digital Magazines blog has a notice on the newly launched Jellyfish from the UK’s National Magazines. This is a free e-magazine aimed at the teenage girl market. It uses a similar technology platform, Ceros with Flash, to Dennis’s Monkey. John Weir’s blog notes:

Like Monkey, it is based on the Ceros system, with lots of video, audio content and web links. Among the things I liked were the “click to rotate” feature on the shopping pages, and

Keep Reading

Scaleable Print and Collective Seeing

Microsoft are developing some incredibly cool image technologies. They are highly relevant to the way magazines, newspapers and books will be viewed and read on the screen in years to come. From O’Reilly I found a link to an amazing presentation of Seadragon and Photosynth from this year’s TED conference, by one of the developers, Blaise Aguera y Arcas.

One of his examples shows a digital edition of the Guardian (one of the very, very few newspapers which publishes a … Keep Reading

Google Interiors

Google has antagonised many publishers by scanning and databasing books held in libraries, which are not out of copyright, and for which Google has not sought permission from the publisher or copyright holder. Some publishers have launched court cases, others are on the verge of direct action.

The court cases will proabably decide these matters in the end, but I wonder whether Google really needs to upset its potential partners by appearing to ignore the claims of copyright?… Keep Reading

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