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Ordering Search Results

We have just introduced the option to sort your search results, by the date of publication of the issue in which the search term appears. If you search the 50-odd “open access” trial issues, for occurrences of ‘David Cameron” there are currently 23 results, and they will be sorted by relevance (the default setting — which will weight more highly a page on which “David Cameron” is a high proportion of the text on the page),
or by newest,… Keep Reading

Publishers Blogging

There are lots of magazine blogs. But there is a real paucity of blogs about the magazine business: its commercial prospects, the strategic issue of adapting to the web, competitive intelligence and innovation. Book publishers, by contrast, are getting to be very bloggy-minded. We regularly tune in to book publishing blogs such as Charkinblog, O’Reilly’s Radar (which is a gold star technology blog with good publishing angles). Brantley’s blog and the hugely informative Open Access News. Michael Cairns … Keep Reading

Bill Gates and the future of print

Juan Antonio Giner in his Innovations in Newspapers has a great list of “Wrong Predictions” and he puts Bill Gates’s reported remarks on the invevitable move of reading to the web in the same camp: another wrong prediction.

Bill Gates was clearly saying a lot of different things in this presentation. Some surely right, some pretty questionable. I am sure that he is wrong to say that newspaper subscriptions are in inexorable decline. You never know, overall newspaper subscriptions … Keep Reading

Google broadens scope: Search is now Universal

Google has made a subtle but important change to the way it offers users ‘Search’. Here is the BBC’s brief summary:

Google is overhauling its search system so it returns “universal” results not just those from webpages. The change means users will also get results from news sites, blogs, video services and other relevant places…….. The expanded results will be available via a series of tabs that will appear on the results page.

There is a lot more detail … Keep Reading

Digital Editions work. Magazines need to get digital

Yesterday was a free day for me. But with a Blackberry you are never totally on holiday. Two work items piqued my interest.

Sad news for Tom Moloney, CEO of EMAP. He has left the company and the speculation is that it may be snapped up by a private equity company.

Another tiny item from feedback also snagged my interest (yes feedback gets forwarded to our Blackberries and, sad as it may be, I often look at it even … Keep Reading

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