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Digital Editions work. Magazines need to get digital

Yesterday was a free day for me. But with a Blackberry you are never totally on holiday. Two work items piqued my interest.

Sad news for Tom Moloney, CEO of EMAP. He has left the company and the speculation is that it may be snapped up by a private equity company.

Another tiny item from feedback also snagged my interest (yes feedback gets forwarded to our Blackberries and, sad as it may be, I often look at it even … Keep Reading

A new angle on Web 2.0

Tim O’Reilly presents a fertile thought experiment. But it is not just our commercial and financial activities which can be enhanced by web-scaled interaction. How would it help our reading on the web, if the process of reading, to think and to write, was enhanced with intelligent feedback: to the reader, the publisher, the author or journalist?

When, soon, most of our reading (magazines, newspapers, books, blogs, by definition, etc…) is web-based, how will the different reading applications co-ooperate … Keep Reading

DIVE magazine

Keep Reading

PPA Conference and the Digital Future

We were not able to get across to the PPA conference so we relied on reports blogged for the Guardian’s Organ Grinder by Stephen Brook and Jemima Kiss. I was struck by the quoted comment of Stevie Spring (CEO of Future Publishing):

Spring also pours scorn about predicts of the digital future. “Anyone who has a forecast beyond six months is fooling themselves because none of us have a clue.”

That seems broadly right! Though, at Exact Editions, … Keep Reading

Magazine Week (4)

Joel Rickett, who writes for The Bookseller, gave me a helpful run-down on why World Book Day has been such a success for UK book publishing and bookselling. Right at the heart of its success has been the ‘incredibly potent voucher scheme’ which puts a £1 book token in the hands of millions of children each year. This focus was a masterstroke because, from the off, it secured the goodwill of parents and teachers. Joel points out that there … Keep Reading

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