Today sees the launch of The Dunedin Society, Health and Family Care Collection  formed from two series of over 20 books published by Dunedin Academic Press.

The complete Collection offers advanced searching and efficient browsing over the entire collection of 22+ books, together making a very useful reference resource and reference to best practice for practitioners and students in the fields of social care and social policy.

Professor Julie Taylor (University of Birmingham), one of the series editors for Protecting Children and Young People remarked on seeing the series as presented in the collection, ‘The utility of being able to search across all titles simultaneously is enormously useful, time saving and brings together a new level of focused filtering‘ .


Front covers of some of the books in the Dunedin Collection

Searching uses Boolean operators and is swift and straightforward



Searching for “adoption” in Residential Child Care

Pages that are open can be shared with anyone via Twitter or Facebook. And through the Exact Editions web pages all these books can be searched and pages referenced.

The service is available to institutions through the Exact Editions institutional service and an annual subscription for a university or college with under 5,000 FTE (full time equivalents) costs $300. The standard Exact Editions terms apply: site-wide access 24X7, multiuser and unlimited access, statistics, cross-platform delivery and prompt support. Five books will be added to the collection in the course of the year. And the Dunedin Collection is another group of related titles to add to the growing list that Exact Editions will launch in the course of 2017.