Exact Editions is now working with publishers to develop collections of books for sale to institutions and individual enthusiasts and experts. One of the first collections, from the poetry publisher Carcanet, is now available on the Exact Editions platform. It provides immediate access to 70 books from the Carcanet list of poetry and literature and subscribers will get access to an additional 30+ books in the course of their first year subscription.

Yesterday we also launched individual subscriber access to the Dunedin Society, Health and Family Care Collection 21 books at launch growing to 25 or more in the course of 2017. This collection makes an invaluable reference resource for practitioners and students working in social care, health, and other policy areas. In the view of Professor Julie Taylor (one of the series editors)

The utility of being able to search across all titles simultaneously is enormously useful, time saving and brings together a new level of focused filtering”



The Dunedin Collection — searchable as a group

The Digital Reader blog in noting the launch of the Carcanet Collection comments “Exact Editions’ offering is really close(r) to being a single-publisher Safari subscription”. This is not a bad way of putting it, and we will be working with publishers who have lists in strongly focussed subjects or disciplines that have an appeal both to institutions and libraries, but also to students or practitioners.

Professor Taylor hits the nail on the head with her point that searching the whole collection is a significant gain when using and browsing a group of related books. Strange as it may seem this is not an added-value that has been taken up by publishers when they sell ebooks.