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Read/write web

This is another of the themes that one encounters in explanations of Web 2.0. The idea (roughly) is that Web 1.0 was a read-only web and the new era is a read/write era.

Dont know about that, but there are questions that one could ask about magazines in such an environment. Would publishers want to encourage this kind of user response? Will digital magazines, to the extent that they can be shared, become vandalised beyond saving? Will users really want to share reactions? Or read others reactions? Will this type of interaction bring the magazine world even closer to the blogosphere?

There are some solutions out there already that enable this kind of public annotation. Fleck is one. Their solution might be one way of taking the Personals Page to the next level….see this example.

Well, having quickly checked this out. It looks as though my ‘Sticky Yellow Notes’ survive under Firefox, but when I check out the annotated url with Safari, I get the Fleck toolbar, but not the note. Stuff on the Fleck site makes me doubtful that it will yet work with IE. But since I am now a confirmed Mac user I dont use IE often.


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  1. HI Adam,Fleck is indeed FF only at this moment. We will have IE support within the next two weeks. Hopefully safari will follow soon as well.

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